League of Legends on Netflix Games: one of the spin-off games is now available

Spin-off of League of Legends on Netflix. (photo: Expansion)

Netflix just announced the launch of two new games for your platform Netflix Games.

The first one is from a popular franchise; is Hextech Mayhem, a derivative of League of Legends which is now available to all users of iOS Y Android with a Netflix subscription.

The second comes courtesy of Hyper Hippo Entertainment, who today announced the worldwide release of a next-gen idle game: dungeondwarves, which is also available in operating systems previously mentioned.

The League of Legends spin-off is now available for your mobile device

Unlike LOL, Hextech Mayhem is not a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). On this occasion, RiotGames Bet on a rhythmic runner title.

In fact, its main character is the famous LoL champion, Ziggs. As you travel through the city, you’ll disarm enemies, dodge obstacles, and set off explosives; all this to the rhythm of music.

Hextech Mayhem was announced last November through a trailer that gives an idea of ​​the game. While the game is not directly related to Arcane, serves to add more content to the alliance between Netflix and Riot Games, who do not hesitate to promote their products.

Hextech Mayhem.  (photo: Geek Culture)
Hextech Mayhem. (photo: Geek Culture)

Hextech Mayhem Game Isn’t The Only New Thing On Netflix Games

In addition to Hextech Mayhem, Netflix also has a new game in its catalog. And this is dungeondwarves, a game developed by Hyper Hippo that has quite an interesting mechanic.

Dungeon Dwarves is a dungeon crawler video game in which you control a group of five dwarfs, who will have to knock down walls and face monsters to continue on their way.

Dungeon Dwarves.  (photo: Netflix)
Dungeon Dwarves. (photo: Netflix)

One of the best aspects of the title is that will continue to play even when the app is closed; In this way, every time you join, you can get the reward that the expedition team found.

To play, simply go to the Games section of the Netflix app. The feature is currently available for iOS, iPad OS and Android, so you can play anywhere smartphone you want.

Netflix has begun to bet on video games in recent months; so you will find a small catalog of games that you can try. Of course, surely with the passing of the months you will be able to see a greater offer to play.

Netflix games or netflix games
NetflixGames. (photo: Netflix)

League of Legends: Cybercriminals mimic login to steal data, don’t be fooled

The phishing is a cyber attack that has become popular in recent years after the accelerated digitization of daily life by the pandemic. It is important that everyone who has access to devices with Internet know how to recognize a possible attack, since as we will show below in a league of legends login, it can be difficult.

Unlike other cyber attacks phishing distinguishes itself by impersonating other entities such as digital stores, financial institutions or video games such as League of Legends; your goal is to use a click as a key access to private information to commit fraud.

In the event that the person does not realize that the page is a copy, they will enter their virtual account in a perfectly recreated page and the crime will be completed. The cybercriminals will have obtained the information first-hand (from the owner) and will be fully willing to do with it whatever they like.

Then you can see a phishing page that recreated the login of the video game League of Legends which has millions of players in the world.

(Photo: Twitter/@TheXXLMAN)

In case you didn’t notice them, the differences are as follows:

– The background image

– The region

– The spaces and dimensions of each field

– The color of the checkbox (the Remember me box)

There are several differences, but if you don’t look carefully or compare the real login with the fake it is possible that the user falls into the trap and gives away his information.

Because the copies are so similar that they might even look like a new site interface, all users should be aware of the sites they are about to enter or the links they open.


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