Learn about the controversial image of Tom Hanks created by AI that was used in a commercial

Tom Hanks’ face was seen in an advertising campaign, something that did not please the charismatic performer.


The use of Artificial Intelligence has caused a lot of controversy over the months, especially in the film industry; Now, the unauthorized use of Tom Hanks’ face confirms fears in Hollywood.

The picture of Tom Hanks promoting a dental brand caused confusion among the actor’s followers, who after a few days confirmed that it is of a replica of your face created with Artificial Intelligence and used without your consent, highlighting the risk that celebrities face with this controversial technology.

Tom Hanks became another victim of Artificial Intelligence, and the actor did not hesitate to warn through his social networks about this type of fraud, while He confirmed to his followers that his face in the commercial is a fake image. Know the history.


It was through his Instagram account that Tom Hanks alerted his followers about this new form of digital fraud:

“BE CAREFUL! There is a video out there promoting a dental plan with a version of me created with artificial intelligence. I have nothing to do with that,” wrote the actor, who accompanied his post with a screenshot of the controversial commercial.

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Tom Hanks is one of the celebrities who has already expressed their main concerns about the use of Artificial Intelligence, fears that have now become realityand the actor had already been reluctant to technology because it opens the possibility for films are made with a “digital double” without the person’s permission.

The use of Artificial Intelligence, in fact, It was one of the key points in the Screenwriters and Actors Strike that paralyzed to hollywood for several months due to the risks this represents both in writing stories and in representing them on the big screen.

Now, with the use of Tom Hanks’ face for an advertisement, those who support celebrities acquiring the intellectual property of their face and voice are proven right.