Learn about the scene that moved Victoria Ruffo to tears in “La Madrastra”

Victoria Ruffo’s performance in “La Madrastra” earned her public recognition.


“The stepmother”, telenovela premiered in 2005 on Canal de las Estrellas based on an original Chilean story, it became one of the most popular melodramas of the year thanks, above all, to the performances of Victoria Ruffo and César Evora, who earned the special affection of the public.

On the occasion of the remake that aired this 2022, now with Aracely Arámbula and Andrés Palacios in the main roles, on social networks the fans of the soap opera resumed some of the moments they enjoyed the most, highlighting one of them in particular.


It’s been 18 years since the premiere of “The stepmother“, but in the hearts of viewers, the impeccable performance of Victoria Ruffo in the leading role is still present, with moments full of tears that are still fondly remembered; However, not everything was easy for the actress. There was one scene in particular that was difficult for her, as it required several hours of filming and literally brought her to tears.

“La Madrastra” meant a challenge for Victoria Ruffor, since the dramas were growing as the chapters progressed. One of the peak moments was when her character returns to the mansion after spending 20 years in jail for a crime she did not commit and now she must win the love of her children… albeit from a different place.

The scene of “La Madrastra” broke the heart of Victoria Ruffo because the actress he was going through a similar moment on a personal level with the father of his first childan extreme situation that led her to record one of the most difficult shots in the soap opera and her career.