LeBron James starred in a tense moment with two Indiana fans in the middle of the NBA game

It wasn’t one more night for Lebron James, who was returning to the action of the NBA after the first suspension of his career. And he had a great comeback, as he was the great figure of Los Angeles Lakers in triumph for 124-116 in view of Indiana Pacers, but he was also the protagonist of a moment of great tension: he made a couple of fans go kicked out of their seats of the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Lebron it was on. I note 39 points, his maximum contribution of the season, to take to the Lakers to win a game in which he had to score a triple to break the tie in overtime and then score another long-range shot to settle the fight.

Although during the extension, he also left one of the most curious images of the day. With 2:29 minutes remaining in overtime, Lebron James called the referee Rodney Mott to point out two fans who were glued to the sideline.

LeBron James was the great figure of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Indiana Pacers (Photo: USA TODAY Sports) (Trevor Ruszkowski /)

After a short conversation with Mott, security personnel made a man and a woman leave their seats in the front row. They both walked off the edge of the runway, with the woman doing crying grimaces for being removed from her seat.

After the game, the King james He did not want to go into detail about what this pair of bystanders had done to provoke that reaction, although he did give indications that there was inappropriate behavior. “When obscene language and gestures come into play, it cannot be tolerated. There is a difference between cheering on your team and not wanting the other team to win and things that I would never say to a fan and that they should not say to me. “, commented Lebron, according USA Today.

It was a fantastic performance from the star of the Lakers, who scored 17 points between the last quarter and overtime, which made up for the absence of Anthony Davis. His first triple in overtime put the game 117-114 with 2:51 to play. A minute later, he scored again to extend the lead to six points and then added a mid-range shot before Wayne ellington seal the triumph. The Pacers he only got one basket in the last three minutes.

In this way, Lebron James closed an outstanding performance in what was his return to activity after the first suspension in his career: on Sunday night, in the victory in Detroit, he had beaten the pivot Isaiah Stewart in the face. The NBA He was suspended for one game, for which he was absent in the Lakers’ loss in New York on Tuesday night.


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