Lefty SM’s wife spoke about the man who was arrested accused of murdering the singer

Lefty SM and his wife


The news of the arrest of the alleged murderer of rapper Lefty SM has shocked the music world. The man, identified as Luis Mario P., was arrested in Jalisco, Mexico, accused of being directly involved in the singer’s death.

Lefty SM, whose real name was Juan Carlos Sauceda, was shot dead outside his home in September 2023. Since then, his family and fans have been calling for justice.

Following the news of the arrest, Lefty SM’s wife, Eza Mary, shared her reaction on social media. “Justice will finally be done,” she wrote on her Facebook account, along with a heart emoji and a white dove.

The arrest of Luis Mario P. occurred after Lefty SM’s family leaked a video of the rapper’s murder. In the video, Lefty SM is seen confronting three men before being shot.

News of the arrest has been met with relief by Lefty SM fans, who have been calling for justice for the rapper since his tragic death. Eza Mary’s Facebook post has received thousands of likes and supportive comments.

Despite this progress in the case, the fight for justice for Lefty SM is far from over. The rapper’s family has criticized the authorities for alleged omissions in the investigation of the case. Now, with the alleged killer in custody, they hope justice will be done.

The arrest of Lefty SM’s alleged killer is an important step in the rapper’s quest for justice. As the investigation continues, fans of Lefty SM and his family hope that justice will be served for his tragic death.