León Larregui had a striking change of look and sparked curiosity among Zoé’s fans

León Larregui reappeared with a new face after the controversy he experienced in Paris.


León Larregui has given something to talk about after he showed off a new “Britney Spears” style look on his Instagram that raised several doubts among his fans… What a way to close cycles!

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Zoé’s vocalist was involved in controversy after reported having been a victim of attacks and discrimination in a bar in Paris; However, the controversy did not end there, and León Larregui reappeared on his Instagram sporting a renewed image that generated all kinds of comments.

In December, León Larregui turned 50 years old and decided to celebrate his “arrival to the fifth floor” with a style that many people did not like, while others considered that the peculiar look of the singer is nothing but a curious way to announce your new album… be?


In the most recent photograph that we can see on the official Instagram account by León Larreguithe singer looks like his head is practically shavedso many of his followers did not hesitate to compare him to Britney Spearswho went viral several years ago for having shaved her head.

León Larregui’s long curly hair had been part of his image for several years, and for many people it ended up being one of his most distinctive signs, which is why now that the singer has a shaved head, many expressed their displeasure by saying that he doesn’t look good at all, although others defended him by saying that the cut looks appropriate for his age:

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The publication, which already exceeds 174 thousand likes, It was filled with comments like. “Are you just going to do your military service, my León?”, “They already annexed it,” “Apart from the fact that they beat you, they also beat you up?” and “Are you already in your shaved Britney stage?”


At the beginning of this month of JanuaryLeon larregui was placed as one of the main trends in networks after he published several tweets where sHe requested help, as he had allegedly been the victim of attacks in Paris:

“Someone help me legally? “They just beat me outside a club,” one of the posts read, while in another he wrote: “Paris mafia gang just beat me up… some p… Rue Mabillon et rue Abillon.”

The tweets quickly went viral, and although the singer then deleted them, there were people who really cared about his health, while others took advantage of the opportunity to give free rein to the memes.