Leonardo accuses Margarita, wife of his father Andrés García: “I don’t know what interests it brings”

In the midst of Andrés García’s health crisis and that his wife Margarita Portillo confirmed that the actor had an overdose of cocaine and that pneumonia put him between life and death, the actor’s son broke his silence.

Leonardo García published a statement where he talks about trying to keep an eye on his father, but he ran into a wall:

“Dear friends, I am always deeply grateful to all of you for your love, affection and respect towards me and my family, I share the following with you, Andrés García is a man of strength, a generous friend, the man who fought for everything I love, who won multiple battles and achieved his dreams, is my inspiration, my pride, MY FATHER.

“Right now he is facing the biggest battle he has ever had, his health, which has deteriorated rapidly due to his age and several illnesses that weaken him day by day. Normally, I am not used to sharing the most private and intimate of myself. my life, but this time I want to express my opinion.

“During all this time, I have not wanted to speak out about my father’s personal life since we have respected his decisions, his space and his relationship, so I have respectfully stayed out of public and media coverage, to avoid cause anything that could alter his peace, his emotional state and above all his delicate state of health.

“However, on a personal level, I have always done my best to be close to him despite the circumstances, how can it be recorded in my networks, and how can family and friends close to the family attest. The family situation like everyone You know, it has had its ups and downs, like in any family, but that does not mean that the love of children towards our father does not exist.

“I understand that my dad’s character can sometimes be very complicated and explosive, but that does not change my love for him in any way. For a long time now I have been extremely concerned and anguished about his real state of health, because unfortunately the person who sometimes takes care of him, and I say sometimes, because she does not live with him, and is only with him at times, Margarita Portillo, does not share complete information with us, nor the care she is receiving, and likewise when he is with her he does not give us access to visit him.

“The only information that we sporadically obtain access to is what this person makes public in the media exposing him in a malicious way, damaging his integrity, his image and that as a family it hurts and hurts us. On several occasions I have tried to contact, locate my father with the desire to talk to him, see him, help him, and even, I was in Acapulco these days with the intention of seeing him, to verify the situation, his state of health, offer him my support, but it was impossible for me to locate him.

“On a recent visit I made to Acapulco accompanied by a doctor, the doctor told me that he looked very deteriorated because he has not been given the corresponding care for the disease he has, that his deterioration has been human carelessness.

“I also do not agree that Margarita exposes my father in this way, and it seems very unfair to me since my father has been an extremely hard-working man who obtained his achievements with a lot of effort. I do not know what personal or economic interests Margarita and her bring son Andrés with my father, taking him away from all of us who love him, but we are not going to allow it Without further ado, the only thing I want as a son is for my father to live a life with dignity, happy and close to the people who love him. he loves without any interest, and that we remember him as the great professional, the legend and the great human being that he has always been”.

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