Leonardo DiCaprio’s dogs got into mischief on set; the actor rescued them from a lake

It was not a good idea for Leonardo DiCaprio to take his pets to the filming of “Around the Table”

The actor Leonardo Dicaprio revealed in an interview a heroic anecdote that few knew and that has him and his two rescue dogs as protagonists. The talented artist threw himself into a frozen lake to save his pets, Siberian Husky, as he himself recounted in the cycle of interviews “Around the Table”, from Entertainment Weekly.

DiCaprio participated in the Program along with his companions from “Don’t Look Up”, the new film in which he stars alongside Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill, among other stars, without a doubt one of the great bets of the platform streaming” Netflix.

The actor decided to take his two dogs to the filming of the film, which took place in Boston, United States. But it seems that pets they did not behave very well and even caused quite a lot problems.

“Basically, the two of them fell in a lake frozen”, He synthesized DiCaprio in his story. “I did not understand what to do on a frozen lake,” added the actor known for his activism in favor of animals and the environment.

Your colleague Lawrence took the trouble to explain the story better. “One of the dogs it fell Into the frozen lake, he jumped to save it and as soon as he took it out of the pond, the other one jumped ”, specified the actress.

The protagonist of “Titanic”, “The Beach”, and “The Wolf of Wall Street“, among others classics of contemporary cinema, he continued to tell how the facts. “The other dog started licking the one that was drowning, and suddenly we were all in the frozen lake together,” he explained.