León’s mistakes that cost him the defeat against Puebla

On Thursday night the set of Puebla won the first leg of the quarter finals of the tournament Scream Mexico Opening 2021. With a 2 – 1 marker the sweet potatoes they turned the scoreboard before Lion and they got an advantage for the second leg.

Although The beast began winning the match with a goal from Stiven Barreiro, at minute 28 – consequence of a corner kick taken, quickly the pupils of Nicolas Larcamón they knew how to organize the counterattack.

Ariel Holan’s strategy did not work for them because, as soon as the game started, they allowed the poblanos to take the ball and present the first plays on goal. The goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota demonstrated his ability to zero in on his goal, but a defensive oversight cost him the draw.

It all started from midfield when those of Puebla took over the ball and they triangulated two passes that took them to the small area. On the left wing was where they started the play that led them to equalize the score.

In less than two minutes they found the tie. The ball fell to the center of the small area and the defense Emerald rejected the center. But the rebound was left to Gustavo Ferrareis, who dared to hit the ball; with the hasty exit of goalkeeper Cota to reduce the area, did not have an accurate shot and the ball went another direction.

The output of Cota neglected the bow and the ball reached the feet of Pablo Parra. The forward of The fringe touched the ball first and managed to deflect it to the goal to do the 1 – 1. The fans sang the tie and the Puebla coach himself celebrated the score.

The departure of Cota neglected the goal and the ball reached Pablo Parra’s feet to make the 1 – 1 (Photo: EFE / Hilda Ríos) (Hilda Ríos /)

For the first 30 minutes of the game, the game already had two scores, a reality that was contrasted with what happened with the Pumas vs. América games and the Monterrey vs. Atlas games.

Although there were still several minutes to play, the squad of the Green Belly he stopped making offensive plays and allowed Puebla to get close to him repeatedly. Cota saved a shot from Guillermo Martínez at minute 67, which was able to sign the victory.

Later would come Maximiliano Araújo to do the twenty-one that sealed Puebla’s victory in the first quarterfinal match. The annotation fell to minute 78; in a game changer of the sweet potatoes they sent the ball to the left side of the court, where Araújo received the pass.

In an individual advance, the Uruguayan was encouraged to hit the ball with his surda leg and sent the ball to the right post, a very far position from which Cota was. Although he tried to stop the shot could not do with respect to the annotation.

Puebla vs Leon league 2021
With the results of the first leg, Puebla would be competing with America in the semifinal (Photo: Twitter / @ ClubPueblaMX)

So for the second half those of Puebla were already sure of victory. With this momentary result, the Puebla team would qualify for the semifinals of Grita México Apertura 2021. If there are no more goals in the second leg and Larcamón maintains the result, I could be thinking about the next stage of the meeting, in which he could face America or Pumas.

The quarterfinals got underway on Wednesday, November 24 with two goalless draws: Pumas against América at the Olympic University Stadium and Monterrey against Atlas at the BBVA stadium. The return matches will close on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November.

With the results of the first leg, Puebla would be competing with America in the semifinal.


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