Lesslie Polynesia was hospitalized again, how is your baby?

Lesslie Polinesia had already been hospitalized in mid-December.


Lesslie Polinesia raised alarm bells among her followers after she revealed, through a video shared on her YouTube channel, that she had been hospitalized, again, due to complications in her pregnancy.

The pregnancy of Lesslie Polinesia, who a few days ago revealed that she would have a girl, has not been easy: In mid-December, the content creator had already been hospitalized although on that occasion she did not give more details about the illness that afflicted her.

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Now, in his most recent video, Lesslie Polynesia He detailed that your baby girl may be born early because, at 31 weeks pregnant, she started to feel contractions and that even her daughter’s amniotic sac ruptured already, which puts her at risk.

How is the health of Lesslie Polinesia and her baby, has he already been born? This is everything the influencer detailed in her video.

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Lesslie Polinesia reported, through a video clip recorded at the hospital, that She has been hospitalized for several days because she started having contractionsso he had to seek medical help.

“When the membranes of the balloon rupture, the baby is very exposed, so she is in danger.”

The youtuber from the Los Polinesios channel, with tears on her face, confirmed that She will be hospitalized until the end of her pregnancy. because her baby’s amniotic sac was already ruptured, which increases the risk of the fetus developing an infection.

This is why doctors will now have to monitor the health of both Lesslie and her daughter, so the content creator will not be able to leave the hospital at the moment.


The influencer He explained that doctors analyze his contractions daily because They want the baby to be born at week 34 or 35 of pregnancy. Her experience, she assured, has left her an important lesson:

“I would have liked the baby to be born to the end, but obviously when the membranes of the balloon rupture the baby is very exposed, so she is in danger. This situation has taught me a lot about not being able to control things in the body.”Lesslie Polynesia noted.