LIAN! Prepare two of his singles in Spanish

LIAN! has set itself to be recognized internationally

LIAN! is preparing what will be its release consisting of two songs in Spanish in the Punk genre “Parison!” and “Cuerno”, along with their mentors: Emm Silverio, Elliot Justo and Valerie Mella.

He declared that “Parison!” It arose as a collection of comments from different friends about her experiences at parties. While “Cuerno” she talked about how she was on her way to the beach with her girlfriend and she told her that someone she knows had been cuckolded and that sparked my creativity.

“Parison! recounts a party that happened in my head, because I’m not a party person”. “One in it all the experiences that my friends told me.” “In Cuerno it is the expression of someone who always sensed that her partner was cheating on her, but she did not want to believe it until she finally accepted it,” she explained.

From the newest item of singles, LIAN! He reaffirmed “the novelty of both is that they are completely in Spanish, since my previous songs had been in English.”

The singles had the participation of Paul Ureña Emmanuel Silverio and him in the composition; the producers are Elliot Justo and Emmanuel Silverio. Also Parison! It has a visualizer made by Luis Valdez and Cuerno has a lyric video created by

He declared that his songs arise from the experiential. “I recognize myself as a well-intentioned rebel; I want my experience to be of use to others who are going through the same thing, which many times as young people we remain silent about”.

“That is why bullying, loneliness and all the things that many of us can do to calm that pain is part of what my songs tell, but always with a touch of Hope, because it is necessary for everyone to know that they can get out of those states. thanks to love.”

“Love is capable of healing any pain and filling any need, the love of family, of true friends, and of a wonderful girlfriend.”

«In my songs there will always be hope, but denounce, I want to be the voice of all those who are silent».