Libertad Palomo calls Wendy Guevara “current”

  • The actress spoke again about Wendy Guevara after the influencer responded to Palomo’s statements regarding public figures like her.

Libertad Palomo is the first trans woman to seek the rights of the community in the midst of showbiz and the famous woman even went to jail for raising her voice; She now spoke out again against Wendy Guevara.

‘La Perdida’ is known for a video that went viral on social networks where she was on a hill with her friend Paola Suárez, this is how the charisma of the Leonese woman led her to participate in the reality show La Casa de los Famosos México , which he won.

Guevara’s popularity was so great that it crossed borders, however, not everyone agrees with having a ‘party’ for them because Libertad Palomo, who is one of the pioneers in paving the way for trans women in the national entertainment world , he spoke.

However, the actress’s words were not encouraging since she remembered everything she had to go through to be where she is currently and she exemplified that Wendy’s role was not the same with her participation as an activist.

Libertad Palomo was imprisoned for an issue of gender identity, which Guevara no longer experienced due to her young age, so the famous woman did not think that the public ‘glorified’ the Leonese when she has not had a strong impact on the defense of the rights of said community.

Although the influencer responded with restraint and ignored the famous woman’s statements, the truth is that whoever she once played as an adventurer did not agree with the words of ‘La Perdida’ and attacked her.

«What is this about The House of the Famous? Talk to me about actors and I can tell you beautiful anecdotes about actors, ordinary, vulgar people, who do not belong to my environment, do not interest me. “Those people do not belong to my guild.”

Apparently he does not like talking about difficult personal stories in public, as he described it as a way to cause pity in the public to generate popularity and thus attract attention, which he finished with a gesture of reluctance.

For her part, Guevara limited herself to saying that there would always be people seeking to hang on to the fame of others and did not want to talk more about the issue that put her in the eye of the hurricane, then