Libertad Palomo: “They told me ‘Repent of being trans!'”

23 years ago, Armando Palomo revolutionized the entertainment industry in Mexico by revealing that he actually felt more like a woman in a man’s body; Thus, she began her transformation into Libertad Palomo, who now returns to the stage with Orlando y Mikael: los arrepentidos, which opens around this time at La Teatrería.

Returning to the theater? Yes. I am very happy to be back in the theater with a play that, moreover, I find very interesting, and that beyond any suspicion, people will think that people who are in this trans area will regret it one day…

In the synopsis he points out that there is a regret… Yes, but it’s not the regret of becoming trans; No. It’s not about that. It is the story of two men who explain why they took the step to make a transformation, change their sex and then, once they each lived their stories, they realize that it was not what they really expected from this.

In some way, is this montage biographical? No no no; no way. I am an actress who has worked in many plays and this time I have been asked to play the character of a man who was transsexual and now returns to being a man. That’s what I’m doing, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my personal life. It’s a performance.

You opened a very important breach 23 years ago… How difficult has this path been? It has been difficult in the sense that people perhaps still have a lot of prejudices and a lot of ignorance about what the trans world is, especially within the LGBT community. But I want to tell you that, even within this community, there are complicated situations. It’s not that easy being a transgender person, even within the LGBT community. I mean the following: in any job you will find gay colleagues, lesbian colleagues and there is no problem of lack of opportunities, no; but for a transsexual or transgender woman or transvestite it is a little more complicated.

When you could perfectly work in a bank, in an office… That is what we want to aspire to one day.

We really still don’t understand a lot of things… Of course not. I mean, even if they want to make it up, because that is true makeup, there hasn’t been such a big opening yet and we’re fighting precisely to give a good image. If you don’t respect yourself as a person, you can’t expect others to respect you. It is up to us to see the way we are behaving, because if we do it in a rude and violent way, it would be a bit like what suddenly happens in feminist demonstrations, right? All the sympathy you can have, and I have it, I say it: I support feminists a lot, but at a time when someone starts to break down doors and do pints, sympathy ends. I think we had to look for that empathy first and then that sympathy.

It’s quite a dilemma, isn’t it? We understand their pain, their anger and that they want to break and transgress, but there is also that part of respect… We lack many things to understand. I think that the demonstrations should be peaceful. I know that revolutions have never been, because we are finally revolutionaries doing all these things. The revolution of women entering the workplace, the revolution of gay power, have been painful… The incorporation of African-American men into American society has also come at high costs… and still does. The revolution that is currently in Arab countries, where there are still at least seven or eight countries where they murder homosexual people. All these things have to be smoothed out in some way, they have to be put aside. But also when we manifest ourselves, we have to try not to hurt other people. What do I mean hurt? Maybe they feel attacked, because if people don’t think like I think, I’m not going to subdue them or force them to think or believe in what I believe… You have to do things in a slightly different way. more measured.

Do you think the entertainment industry in general is really inclusive and now they are addressing these issues? Or they do it for fashion and to be accepted by society. Is there really a commitment from the industry to understand this movement? I have stopped working for many years in television, precisely because there are no opportunities for transsexual people. I’ll give you an example: when I worked in Aventurera, I played two roles: one male and one female, and being “La Bugambilia” and Melchor I was able to show my work, singing as a man and as a woman. Later, the producer Salvador Mejía, whom I love and respect very much as a person, invited me to participate in the telenovela Entre el amor y el odio, where I play a female role, not a transsexual. Later, Mr. Salvador Varela invited me to participate in a play with Alejandro Suárez and Alberto “El Caballo” Rojas, with a female character; not that of a transvestite or a transsexual, or a transgender.

Do they keep harassing you? It’s not very often, but there have been people who have told me, “Repent!” Well no, “Repent of your sins, you will know what you have done”, I tell them. I am at peace. I am at peace with my God, I am at peace with my life, with my universe. I’m not homosexual, I’m not gay; I have always liked women and I think I will continue to like them. Nothing will change about that.

After that telenovela with the producer Salvador Mejía, didn’t you go back to doing telenovelas? Not on Televisa, but remember that I was the protagonist of Los Sánchez on TV Azteca; We were on the air for two years, and after that it was my own decision not to do television again, because I thought it was better for people to remember me with a leading role as Liza.

It was a personal decision to retire from TV. Yeah; If there was no other character like Los Sánchez, he would not return.

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