LinkedIn reveals the skills most sought after by companies

Contractors seek the profiles to be of creative professionals (Photo: Pixabay)

The profiles that the Business look at candidates have changed over time, as they have now begun to have more interest in those who have creative skills, communication, flexibility and teamwork.

According to the results of a study of Adobe, LinkedIn and Civitas Learning To quantify the value of creative skills, in the last decade the working market has been radically transformed and according to experts from the World Economic Forum, this evolution will continue to be accelerated.

Therefore, they are interested in that from the middle education students begin taking subjects or are given tools to prepare for the current and future needs of the labor field.

IDEA 2021 Forum- III Latin American Forum on Creativity, Innovation and New Media for Reproductive Rights
Young people from their studies must take part in workshops that help them improve their creative skills (Photo: Archive)

“At present the students question the value of a university degree, but the analysis reveals figures that may motivate students and the schools themselves to include subjects that develop creative skills, in order to improve student outcomes and their Professional success”Said in a statement the companies that carried out the study of the impact of creative skills and digital literacy.

They stated that their objective was to measure the effects of the integration of creative skills and digital literacy in higher education courses and the impact of these skills on the career path.

Melissa Vito, Vice Chancellor for Academic Innovation at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA), noted for the study that by providing training and support programs for teachers, ensuring that the integration of creative programs accelerated the use of these applications by students, but also that their academic results increased.

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Students must improve communication skills and creativity (Photo: Pixabay)

In addition, the study details that an analysis of the concept of creativity was made, through global data from LinkedIn. Against which, Pal Petrone, spokesman for the organization, stated that “strengthen communication skills, leadership, motivation, flexibility, persuasion and teamwork is one of the best investments a career can include professionalas they never go out of style.

Furthermore, the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is only making soft skills more and more important, because, precisely, they are the kind of skills robots cannot automate”, He concluded.

In doing so, the LinkedIn data reinforces that the tangible impact of creative skills in the career path as well as the increase in its demand, since the number of employees possessing creative skills has grown by 78% in the last two years, and new graduates in various job functions secured starting salaries between 3% and 16% higher when they included creative skills on your LinkedIn profiles compared to those who did not own or promote them.

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The interests of companies will change (Photo: Pixabay)

“There is no doubt that creative skills promote professional growth continuous. In the last three years, the professionals with his management saw salary increases up to two to three times higher compared to those who did not, in almost all industries and important job functions, “Adobe said in a letter.

Regarding the industries that most seek professionals with creative skills, it was found that there was a salary increase in those focused on aviation and aeronautics, defense and space, food & beverages, healthcare, civil engineering, construction, human resources, automotive, e-learning, medical device development, and transportation.

Regarding specific jobs, the profiles that benefit the most with the best salaries are those who provide health care services, community and social services, sales consultants, profiles associated with Information technology and communication, human resource workers and those insurance consultants.

“In short, creative skills are essential for success in school and much later, (…) in addition, the demand for creativity has increased in the workforce in the last five years and displaying these skills in a LinkedIn profile can contribute to the improvement of the professional trajectory ”, he concluded Darío Llorente, from Adobe.


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