Lis Vega confesses the reason why hyaluronic acid is injected into her lips (Interview)

Lisa Vega he looks in the mirror and doesn’t see what people criticize him so much for. For example, in her return to television, many people have pointed her out because of the changes seen in her face, especially in her lips, which are much more fleshy than they used to be.

“Oh, the topic of lips,” says the actress, singer and dancer, with a certain resignation. “There has been a lot of scandal with the subject of lips but I tell you one thing, people criticize without seeing what I really am”

–And what does Lis Vega look at when she sees herself in the mirror?

I don’t see anything that people are saying. What I see is a brave, dedicated woman who is passionate about what she does. And that in gratitude for her existence, she makes the most appropriate decisions to get what they want in life.

-How do you manage to put aside the image that people have of Lis Vega?

-If I paid attention to what people say, I could not lead my life at ease. I live accepting the decision of others about their own lives and I want that for myself. Behind every decision there is a love story. What I see in that mirror is that I love the woman I have become.

– Is the lips part of that woman?

-We must be more empathic and tolerant. You have to put yourself on the other side. People’s decisions cannot be understood if it is not based on love. The lip thing goes down every eight months and every eight months I make the decision to touch it up.

“Do you need a reason to do so?”

-None. I like to have full lips. Since ever. And I do it because I want to, because if I listened to people, I wouldn’t be able to do many things that I like.


Lis Vega, in fact, hyaluronic acid is injected into her lips every eight months, a treatment that increases volume and that in Mexico costs between five and seven thousand pesos.

Currently, Lis competes in “The stars dance in ‘Hoy’”, a dance reality show in which she stands out for being a professional.

– Does the fact that you have a long career as a dancer represent an advantage?

-I already won because I’m healthy. During the pandemic I had very difficult times, I got sick with Covid and then I had the anguish of not being able to see my family or not being able to return to Mexico. And look at me, here I am again, so I already won

-Now do you feel more Cuban than Mexican?

-I am both. Cuban with a Mexican heart. And besides, I already have an American residence so I can work in the United States without having the limit of the work visa. So I repeat: I already won.