Lis Vega in trouble: They rate her with 7 and a 3 in ‘The stars dance in Today’

while to Miguel Martinez and Gomita they are told that they could be finalists, Lisa Vega It hasn’t gone well for him Raul Magana in ‘The stars dance in Today’.

It was believed that the Cuban was one of the strongest competitors, but since her debut something went wrong. She represented Mexico many years ago in an International Dance Championship that was broadcast on Televisa, so since then her high abilities in dance have been known.

But what he has presented on the reality show ‘Hoy’ has not been perfect. This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Lis and Raúl had poor grades: Andrea and Latin gave them a 7, each, while teacher Ema Pulido gave them a 3.

Andrea Legarreta said: “It’s a treat to see you and I still think it’s not fair for you to lower your level, never, for any reason. You have a lot to give, not for those around you, you have to lower your level so that they are better. Raúl, you are a charm, do not give me excuses.

Latin Lover opined: “You didn’t shine Lis, I would have told you to try to pull your partner to be at your level, maybe it will be very difficult. It’s a simple choreography, but like football teams, the striker is not always the good one, sometimes the goalkeeper is the hero of the game. Level up. You do look, but you don’t look like you really dance.”

Lis Vega replied: “There are things that are learned over time, no matter how much I want to risk it, I am just getting to know Raúl, I would love to do a million things, but they are not going to solve the fact that he is not distressed, he is taking care of me and my duty is to take care of him. We’re picking up the pace, we want to be in the final but I can’t demand more from him than he isn’t capable of giving”.

On Instagram, he sent an affectionate message to Raúl Magaña: “I admire you @raulmaganamx because I know the effort, dedication and passion you put into each project you do, it is an honor for me to share this stage with you and see you grow day by day.”