LIVE: Pope Francis celebrates 10 years of Scholas Occurrentes

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Pope Francis stars this Thursday in an unprecedented meeting by connecting live with the community of Occurring Scholas in Barrio 31 of the capital of Argentina. During the special transmission, her Holiness will inaugurate and bless the new headquarters of the CBC of the University of Buenos Aires, which operates in the community of Scholas in Barrio Mugica.

At the event, the Holy Father will also connect with communities of the Scholas Occurrentes international educational movement in USAthe Colombian Amazon, Spain and Mexicothus consolidating the bonds of solidarity and collaboration that characterize this global movement.

On this occasion, the origin of Scholas in Argentina will be remembered together with the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge bergoglioas an educational response to the political, social and economic crisis of 2001, this opportunity to highlight the importance of citizen participation of young people and adolescents as an antidote to the cracks and anti-politics.

The meeting takes place within the framework of the closing of the Congress “Eco Educational Cities”, organized by the international movement Occurring Scholas and the Development Bank of Latin AmericaWith the presence of 50 mayors from Latin America and Europe.

The congress seeks to promote and disseminate the sustainable developmentreferring to the term “integral ecology” exposed in the Encyclical Laudato Sí, based on the educational methodology developed by Scholas and the experiences that young people from various communities have been carrying out.

There will also be a live connection with the United States, Mexico and the Colombian Amazon, where communities of Scholas Occurrentes are located.

In Mexicoin the last time two programs were carried out Scholas Citizenship, in Jalisco. That is why a community is being set up in Tlajomulco, from where the live connection between the community and Pope Francis will be made. At the Tlajomulco headquarters, the boys who participated in the Scholas experiences will be present.

In Colombia, is the community of Puerto Nariño, in the Amazon. The Laudato Sí School of Scholas Occurrentes was opened in that community. Currently the school continues to operate with young people from Scholas who are in the territory.

by the side of Miami, the boys are going to paint a mural that will be shown in the live broadcast and also a young man from Scholas will ask the Pope a question. Young people from Scholas in Washington, Miami, New York and Los Angeles will be present. In June the Scholas Citizenship program will be held in New York.