Liverpool won 1-0 and beat Manchester City undefeated in a hot Premier League classic: Julián Álvarez entered the final

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* The best moments of Liverpool-Manchester City

It was a hot, controversial, intense game that had everything. Liverpool beat Manchester City 1-0 and took away his undefeated in the current season of the PremierLeague. The match played at Anfield and that was valid for the eleventh date was defined in the final part. But not all were good for the locals since the Portuguese Diogo Jota retired on a stretcher and could have a serious injury, 38 days before the start of the World Cup.

The Portuguese attacking midfielder himself had the first danger for Liverpool, but City responded with two arrivals from Erling Halandone that did not connect in the area and another that headed and the ball contained it Allison.

Pep Guardiola could not believe that Foden’s goal was annulled (REUTERS / Phil Noble) (PHIL NOBLE /)

At the beginning of the plugin Mohammed Salah lost one-on-one with Ederson, which deflected to the corner kick. The pace did not drop and both sought to break zero. Liverpool with their dynamics and speed trying on the wings and City with their play down the line as a result of the good footing of their midfielders.

Then came the great controversy of the match: Haland he received the deep pass and when he went to look for it he collided with Allisonthe rebound captured it Phil Foden who converted, but the goal was annulled for a previous foul by Erling who grabbed his shirt fabinho, in a play that was invalidated at the request of the VAR. The arbitration ruling generated the anger of all Manchester City, especially its coach, Pep Guardiolawho had gestures of disapproval towards the judge.

Jürgen Klopp's anger about one of the referee assistants (REUTERS / Phil Noble)
Jürgen Klopp’s anger about one of the referee assistants (REUTERS / Phil Noble) (PHIL NOBLE /)

Later Salah he got a perfect center with the inside face and Diogo Jota he missed it after a header next to the goal, which generated the fury of Jurgen Klopp. Later Haland defined in the area and Allison he prevented the fall of his fence with a providential cover below.

at 74 minutes Kevin DeBruyne searched the area after a free kick, but the ball was in the hands of Allisonwho pulled out fast and attended Salah Well, the Egyptian beat Joao Cancelo and then he was lethal in his definition that put the red team ahead.

The lament of Diogo Jota who was removed on a stretcher (REUTERS / Phil Noble)
The lament of Diogo Jota who was removed on a stretcher (REUTERS / Phil Noble) (PHIL NOBLE /)

The climate continued to raise its temperature and Klopp was expelled by the referee anthony taylor after Bernardo Silva got involved with Salah and tempers flared. The German coach claimed so much that he received the red. Before leaving the field of play he argued with one of the line judges.

In the additional fifth minute Diogo Jota attended to Darwin Nunez, but the Portuguese manifested a discomfort in his right leg and was left on the floor. The ball was recovered by City, which did not stop the game so that they could attend to the Lusitanian and the whistle came from the local public. After a center controlled by Allison, the referee allowed the entrance of the local assistants who attended to Jota. After three minutes lying down, the player was removed on a stretcher.

At first it seemed like a cramp, but the issue would be more serious. “He felt real pain at the time, but I have no idea how bad it is. If Diogo stays down, he’s no goodKlopp said. For now, Liverpool has not issued a statement about his diagnosis, but in the Portuguese team in charge of Fernando Manuel Costa Santos They are on alert 38 days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar. It should be remembered that N’Golo Kanté (Chelsea/France) and Reece James (Chelsea/England) They will miss the World Cup due to injury. This Saturday another alert was generated with the Brazilian Richarlison, who retired on crutches in the Tottenham game.

Finally, Julian Alvarez he came on in the 88th minute to replace Ilkay Gundogan and the former River Plate had no chance to show up.


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