Livia Brito won the case against the paparazzi she hit

The judge has already given her verdict, which benefited Livia

The actress Livia Brito was involved in a controversy in 2020 for an attack against a paparazzi, who took pictures of her when she was on the beach with her partner, which ended in a heated fight where the camera was damaged.

Given this fact, the paparazzi sued the actress for the damages caused and thus began a legal process where the Cuban woman was finally the winner, according to the resolution given by the judge, Brito announced on the Hoy program.

«The criminal process that began in 2020 by the paparazzi was resolved by a judge in Cancun who determined that it was not linked to the process; The Judge supported her argument in self-defense, by defending the fundamental rights to image, to privacy, because they are closely linked to human rights and human dignity.

That is, no one can take photos of a person without their prior consent. Arguments that were supported in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which is our highest Mexican court, “he declared.

Finally, Brito was satisfied with the results of the legal process and also commented that once this was resolved, she could now focus on her project of being a mother, since she was already undergoing treatment to become a mother, in addition to waiting for twins to arrive.