Liz Truss fights to stay in office amid threats from her own lawmakers: “She has 12 hours left”

Liz Truss during a session of parliament yesterday. To her left is the new Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt (JESSICA TAYLOR / UK Parliament / AFP) (JESSICA TAYLOR /)

British Prime Minister, Liz Trussis under increasing pressure this Thursday due to the increase in the number of Conservative deputies who publicly requested his resignation, in addition to those who have done so in private through letters to the executive of the parliamentary group.

At least thirteen deputies from the ruling party have confirmed in the media and social networks that they do not trust the head of government, who has lost authority after having had to annul practically all of her political and economic project due to the chaos sown in the financial markets.

Truss was plunged further into chaos on Wednesday after the explosive resignation of her home secretary, forcing the Conservative leader to turn to one of her strongest critics to shore up her shaky government.

Suella Braverman left as home secretary apparently after using her personal email to send an official document to a colleague, but resigned with a searing attack on Truss.

Suella Braverman
Suella Braverman resigned with a searing attack on Truss.

Truss then appointed the curator Grant Shapps in place of Braverman, having fired him as transportation secretary when he succeeded Boris Johnson on September 6.

Shapps had supported his rival in the leadership of the party, Rishi Sunak.

After also losing his finance minister, Kwasi Kwartengfor a disastrous budget last month, the Truss’s economic agenda is sunk and two of his top cabinet posts are now held by Sunak allies.

Shapps acknowledged that the government of Truss has had “a very difficult period”, but that the new finance minister, Jeremy Hunthad done “a great job of solving the problems related to that mini-budget”.

Shapps, 54, is famous for his use of excel spreadsheetswhich he allegedly used at the Conservatives’ recent annual conference to show his colleagues how Truss can be unseated.

He is considered one of the party’s most effective communicators, but caused controversy early in his political career after revelations that he had used pseudonyms in his previous business life.

The dysfunction deepened Wednesday night with angry scenes in the House of Commonsas Truss battled hard with MPs from her own party over her bid to resume the frackingdrilling for gas.

Liz Truss United Kingdom
Liz Truss during yesterday’s parliamentary session (JESSICA TAYLOR / AFP) (JESSICA TAYLOR /)

12 hours

Conservative party discipline enforcers resigned in protest at an abrupt change in government tactics on the vote, which Truss ultimately won.

Downing Street was forced to issue a rare statement to insist that the two officials “remain in office”.

The parliamentary veteran tory, charles walkermade a harsh criticism of his colleagues who, in his opinion, had supported Truss in exchange for a personal advance.

“I hope it was worth sitting around the cabinet table, because the damage they have done to our party is extraordinary,” he told U.S. television. BBC. “I’m sick of people without talent”He launched.

The Conservative MP Simon Hoare, warned that the prime minister “You have 12 hours to change the ship’s course.”

Sheryl Murraya Conservative MP for a Cornish constituency, said on Twitter that Truss’s position “is untenable” and confirmed that she has sent a letter calling for an internal no-confidence motion against her to the parliamentary group’s 1922 committee, in charge of organizing it.

Some media calculate that more than 50 parliamentarians, out of 357 that the Conservatives have in the House of Commons, could have already written to the president of that committee, Graham Bradyto express their lack of trust in the leader.

According to the rules of the formation, a motion against the leader cannot be organized until after a year in office, but Truss could decide to resign if Brady informed her that she had lost the support of the majority of her deputies.

parliamentarians Tories They also do not rule out changing their rules to be able to hold that motion earlier, which is normally convened when 15% of their group requests it, currently 54 deputies.

Likewise, the opposition Labor leader, Keir Starmer, demanded this Thursday immediate general elections to end the “chaos” of the Truss Government.

“Policy would not be”

business secretary, Jacob Rees Mogginsisted that the government was “functioning well”, but the Thursday front pages of UK newspapers were caustic.

“Broken”titled the conservative Sunover an image of Truss looking sad. Guardian he said: “Braverman’s bombshell puts Truss over the edge.”

The Sun Liz Truss
“Rota”, headlined the newspaper “The Sun”

Braverman said he had resigned for a “technical violation” of government regulations.

“I made a mistake, I accept responsibility, I resign”, he wrote in his resignation letter, adding that he had “serious concerns” that Truss was reneging on promises of the program.

Truss has faced widespread criticism for not having resigned herself.after forcing Kwarteng to take the blame for the botched September 23 budget, which sent markets into a free fall.

“Pretending we haven’t made mistakes, acting like no one can see we’ve made them, and hoping things will magically work out for the best is not serious politics,” Braverman wrote.

Truss vowed Wednesday that he would not resign when faced with jeers from legislators in his first parliamentary questions since abandoning his flagship plan for debt-fueled tax cuts.

Starmerasked the House of Commons: “What is the point of a prime minister whose promises do not last even a week?”

Starmer taunted Truss by leading his parliamentarians in chants of “It’s gone, it’s gone!while reading a list of his canceled policies.

“Why is she still here?”, he concluded.

“Fighter who does not give up”

Truss replied: “I am a fighter and not someone who gives up.”

Liz Truss
A photograph distributed by the UK Parliament shows Britain’s Prime Minister Liz Truss speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons (Photo by JESSICA TAYLOR / UK PARLIAMENT / AFP) (JESSICA TAYLOR /)

Labor MPs howled with derision. There was silence on the Conservative benches.

The session took place less than 48 hours after the new finance minister, Hunt will dismantle Truss’s tax plans in an attempt to restore market confidence.

Surveys show that Truss and the Conservative party’s approval ratings have plummetedand the pollster YouGov said on Tuesday that she had become the most unpopular leader she had ever tracked.

A separate survey of Conservative members found that less than two months after electing her as party leader and prime minister, most now think he should go.

The Labor have made big gains in polls of the ruling Conservatives, amid the recent fallout and a worsening cost-of-living crisis.

In more bad news for the government, the inflation rose again above 10 percent on Wednesday due to rising food prices.

Hunt’s warnings of more “stunning cuts” sparked reports that the government may stop indexing current pensions to inflation, breaking another commitment to the program.

But Truss told parliament that she would keep the costly pension commitment.

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