Lola Cortés stoned Alexander Acha again and we tell you why he was NOT right in ‘La Academia’

Although he already dances in ‘La Academia’, Andrés did not manage to surpass himself in his presentation on Saturday, July 30, for which Lola Cortés criticized his performance, that he was short of breath and that it was noted that he did not rehearse with the dancers.

So the controversial judge told the contestant: “Did you notice that you almost took a dancer on her back? You don’t realize what’s around you… The dancer had to take off. What happens on stage you also have to be attentive, you have peripheral vision, be careful, an accident could have been more embarrassing than your performance was”.

Nevertheless, Alexander Acha interrupted and told Andrés: “You focus on your performance and the dancers get out… Dancers step aside, when you’re singing, the stage is yours and you don’t have to worry about hitting a dancer.”

So the lawsuit began and Lola Cortés refuted what Alexander Acha said: “Of course (Andrés has to worry about the dancers), because everyone does the show. So the dancers didn’t rehearse with the singer? The director didn’t Do you know if they tried it?

Alexander replied: “When an artist goes on stage he is not worried about the dancers.”

The screaming began and while Lola demanded that the singers rehearse with dancers, it turned out that Alexander Acha is not at the dance rehearsals and he recriminated that she always thinks he is right all the time, but not before saying: “Andrés didn’t have to worrying about the dancers… That argument doesn’t hold water”.

And why was Alexander Acha NOT right?

It is incredible that, being a singer with a long career, Alexnader issues advice to the students of La Academia that the stage belongs only to the performer, that they should not worry about the dancers and that they should get out of the way when the artist passes by.

Can you imagine if Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga or many national and international artists followed Alexander Acha’s advice? They just wouldn’t have the shows they’ve put on for the world, where EVERYONE is part of the show, like Lola said.

It is so important that a singer rehearses with the dancers, that artists of the stature of Madonna and Michael Jackson did it no matter that they had been in the industry for decades. Just remember that days before his sudden death, Michael Jackson spent time rehearsing with his dancers, because they were part of his show.

Yes madonna If you believed what Alexander Acha says, about “the stage is yours and you don’t have to worry about hitting a dancer”, why would you spend hours rehearsing with them? Even the queen of pop knows and has shown in more than 10 international tours that the dancers are a fundamental part of her show, and as such, she even gives them a space to show off their talent even if she is not on stage.

How dangerous it would have been, for example, if Madonna had not taken the dancers into account when she sang ‘Music inferno’ on his 2006 Confessions tourwhere the dancers did their work ON SKATES! However, rehearsing with them gave a memorable result that no one has been able to match.

Because yes, Alexander Acha: an artist who DOES seek to present a spectacular and memorable show, must worry about his dancers on stage because they are also part of the show.