Lolita Ayala opens her heart and shares how painful it was to have four abortions

The Mexican journalist told how difficult it was for her to experience four spontaneous abortions.


Lolita Ayalaone of the most recognized journalists in Mexico, has had a life full of challenges and triumphs. However, one of the most difficult moments in his life was when She had to face the loss of four pregnancies.

Lolita Ayala had four spontaneous abortions

The spontaneous abortions They are a painful reality for many women. In the case of Lolita Ayalashe suffered four spontaneous abortionswhich caused great pain. “I had four abortions; Well, I lost four children, it’s not that I wanted to lose them, but after three months I started bleeding and out. That was a very difficult, very painful time,” she shared.

Lolita Ayala Not only did she suffer the loss of her pregnancies, but she also struggled with the obsession of becoming a mother. “She was obsessed with having a child,” she confessed. Despite the obstacles, the Mexican journalist, She finally managed to have her son Aníbal and then her daughter María Luisa.

@marapatriciacastaneda Lolita Ayala reveals to us in Casa de Mara: “It was a very difficult time for me, I lost 4 children at 3 months of pregnancy.” FULL INTERVIEW ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. #marapatriciacastañeda #encasademara #lolitaayala #fyp #invitadaperfecta ♬ original sound – Mara Patricia Castañeda

Despite the challenges and pain, Lolita Ayala He demonstrated incredible resilience. Her story is a testament to the strength and determination of women facing pregnancy loss. Through her experience, Ayala has opened her heart and has shared her story, providing support and understanding to other women who may be going through similar situations.

The story of Lolita Ayala is a reminder of the silent and painful struggle that many women face. However, it is also a story of resilience and hope, showing that even in the most difficult times, it is possible to find the strength to move forward.

On 3 occasions, Lolita Ayala was married

The news anchor also talked about her relationships. Although He was married three times, Lolita He assured that he did not fall in love in all of his marriages. She said that the one she never felt love for was Jorge Berry.

Finally, she talked about her great love that she had with her last husband, but this He cheated on her several times and Lolita upon finding outsuffered too much.

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