Lomito is a witness at a wedding and falls in love on Tik Tok

On TikTok the story of a puppy that served as a witness at a wedding went viral

A violinist who was playing at the event was in charge of publishing the video that has gone viral on social networks since the tenderloin touched all Internet users.

The violinist Fide Velarde, was the one who shared on his TikTok account [email protected] the moment in which the puppy was one of the stellar witnesses of a wedding.

The musician was playing at the wedding when suddenly the judge was able to see on the video announcing a “very special witness”, referring to the puppy.

According to what the judge is heard saying in the video, the couple waited in the presence of loin at the table to be able to reach the commitment between the couple.

This is how the little loin, the name of Leo, placed its mark on the marriage certificate of its human caregivers.

The dog was wearing a black suit and I went to the union of these two young people on TikTok. The puppy applauded by the guests because he was very good at waiting patiently to be called as a witness.
“This marriage was blessed by a 4-legged angel”; “He is the most handsome witness in the world”; “There cannot be a better footprint as a seal of true love”; “The best thing is that everyone gave him the respect he deserves”, “I love how the judge mentions him with great importance”; “I wouldn’t get divorced knowing that my puppy gave faith to the marriage”; were some of the comments from Internet users who were delighted with the situation.