London mayor says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to regular death threats

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London (REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska/File) (MAJA SMIEJKOWSKA/)

The Mayor of London, Sadik Khanadmitted that his mental health has suffered and suffering from post traumatic stress due to common death threats that it receives and also as a consequence of the London terrorist attack in 2017in statements published this Saturday by Guardian.

The Labor mayor pointed out, however, that he is not comparing the effect that some events such as those cited have had on his mental health with the extreme level of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) that refugees or people in similar situations to theirs they have experienced.

Khan revealed that he has addressed this matter with one of his doctor friends.

I am not comparing what I suffer with what some people have to go through, such as asylum seekers or refugees.. I would never equate it to what happens to me nor do I want anyone to feel sorry for me, ”she said.

Khan considered that “mental health is fragile and is not taken care of” and opined that “we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it”.

Sadiq Khan with his wife, Saadiya Khan (REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File)
Sadiq Khan with his wife, Saadiya Khan (REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File) (HANNAH MCKAY/)

In the interview with the aforementioned newspaper, the mayor of London indicated that some exchanges of opinions that he had in his day with the former president of the United States donald trump on Twitter led to a large increase in threats towards his person in social networks.

He also recalled the attack that occurred at a mosque in the London neighborhood of Finsbury Park in 2017 – which caused one death and ten injuries – and said that the terrorist was looking for him. “He couldn’t find me so he decided to target (former Labor leader) Jeremy Corbyn and Muslims“, said.

“Every time (former US President Donald) Trump says something horrible about me, there is a massive increase in hate towards me on social media,” he observed.

In this sense, he also regrets that “there are people who follow Daesh and Al Qaida who believe that you cannot be a Muslim and a Westerner” in relation to the death threats he receives from followers of both terrorist groups.

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