Lorena de la Garza reveals her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

“I think we are all a little crazy,” he confesses Lorena de la Garza, actress who this weekend premieres in the play ´Toc Toc´, in which she plays precisely someone who is a little crazy.

As everyone, De la Garza lived through difficult times during the pandemic. “The confinement forced us to be with ourselves. The world, which was already complicated, became a little more difficult ”.

Lorena de la Garza He tells that during this time that we live locked up, he maintained his sanity thanks to a peculiar mania:

“If I put a decoration, everything must be in groups of three, either diagonally or vertically. But above all, I have to straighten what is crooked. I can’t help that if I see a crooked painting, I put it straight ”.

The play in which he participates is presented at the Fernando Soler Theater and deals with a group of patients suffering from some OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He arrives at a psychologist’s office but they remain in the waiting room because the doctor does not arrive, a situation of confinement that reminds us of what was experienced during the quarantine.

“With the Covid issue, we all went on hiatus and had to reinvent ourselves to stay sane. In my case, I started to decorate the house, to buy plants, to be a gardener, a plumber, a bricklayer. Everything that I had not fixed at home for many years, I did during this pandemic year ”.

So Lorena de la Garza He learned to live shut up and at ease with himself thanks to his little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

“I know it was crazy to put myself to fix the whole house but I think these are moments that allow you to stay active and with sanity.”