Los Temerarios separate after 46 years of musical career

Los Temerarios gave a great musical cycle.

Los Temerarios have announced their separation after more than 40 years of experience.

The brothers Adolfo Ángel and Gustavo Ángel Albaleaders of the beloved Mexican group The Temarariosthey announced that the dates of their concerts that they had already scheduled for the remainder of 2023 are still on and they will do a farewell tour of several countries in 2024.

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Los Temerarios separate after 46 years of musical career

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“With the love that has united us since we were children, the same that we feel for the vocation that we have had the privilege of exercising and sharing for more than 46 years, we want to inform you that we have made the difficult decision to separate musically, thus closing one of the most important and rewarding cycles of our lives”.

“For this reason, the tour scheduled for the months of September 2023 to November 2024 will be the last that we will offer together and we will do it with the same love and respect with which we have always done it. With the intention of thanking our public for all their love, of which we will be eternal carriers, the dates already scheduled for September and November 2023 will be kept and then we will offer concerts in Mexico, the United States and some Central and South American countries during 2024″.

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The famous group of the grupero genre and romantic ballads originating from Fresnillo, Zacatecasthanked his audience for their unconditional love for his music.

“We are eternally grateful to the public that has so generously welcomed our music into their hearts and who have been the engine and inspiration of our career,” added the group from Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

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