Los Tigres del Norte are still the bosses of bosses and roar in front of 22 thousand fans in the Arena Ciudad de México

The Northern Tigers They showed that they are still “the bosses of bosses” in the Mexican regionalwhen summoning to 22 thousand people in the Arena Mexico City, during the first concert of two that they will offer in said venue and that are part of their tour Always with you.

The appointment was at 9:00 p.m. but the grouping from Mocorito, Sinaloa, he gave time to his fans that they arrived at the place, starting your presentation thirty minutes later. Jorge, Hernán, Eduardo and Luis Hernández and Óscar Lara took the stagein the midst of the screams of his fans who were already asking for for the concert to start and they did it with one of the most representative themes from Los Tigres del Norte, “The gray truck”.

“Good evening Mexico, a great pride have the opportunity to come to sing to you, We are going to try to please them with all the songs they ask us for”, said Jorge Hernández, before a packed Mexico City Arena.

“My good luck”, “El rengo del gallo giro”, “The routine”, “We are not even relatives”, were the topics that were heard.

“The following is a song that introduced us to national cinemaI hope you remember it”, recalled the older tiger before interpreting one of the songs most emblematic of the group “La banda del carro rojo”.

“I know they know it and they are going to sing it,” said Jorge before Hernán will sing “La mesa del rincón”, that although he interpreted with a voice already tired the public enjoyed the theme and even sang it.

There was also dedication for all the countrymen who immigrated to the United States, with a song that is a classic “The golden cage”. could not miss “Pacas de a kilo”, another success of the group, that when interpreted for Jorge, people raised their Texan jeans and hats to greet him when he approached them as a sign of respect.

“Let’s change pace, because we know that here there are people from all the Mexican Republicwith the little flowers of our country”, said Luis, the youngest tiger in the group.

Jorge greeted the Spanish artist Lola Índigo, who was in the audience, and immediately explained that the topic that followed It had emerged thanks to the book by Pérez-Reverte, “La reina del sur”, one of the themes of The Northern Tigerse where a woman is the protagonist, doing that some couples dare to dance.

The tigers surprise with mariachi

Mariachi Eagles of Mexico it was a surprise from The Northern Tigers for his followers, who accompanied of 16 dancers from the Ballet Folklórico de México, they made their entrance with “The son of the black woman” and “The traveler”. On this night these idols paid homage to another great Vicente Fernandez, singing some of his hits like “The mandate”, with which they organized karaoke with the public.

Jorge Hernández explained that the topics that followed they were from the album dedicated to Vicente Fernandez, “And his word is the law”, which they recorded in 2021 but due to the pandemic they could not promote, then songs like “The last kiss”, “The son of the people”, “Beautiful affection”, “For your damn love” and “Divine women”.

From Colombia, Puerto Rico and Espyears were some of the countries from where they came some fans for this concert, said Jorge.

“A congratulations to our friend Juan Francisco Ealy Ortizfrom an informative medium, who is having a birthday today, a hug for you and your family and we dedicate the following song ‘Blows in the heart’”, said Jorge Hernández before singing this song and afterwards “The mornings”.

A theme that could not be missing was “Smuggling and tradition”, at this point the dance had already been given up in the highest spaces of the enclosure. “The Black Door” was one of the issues that people he enjoyed singing and dancing, alone or accompanied.

“We are going to sing a song which is our anthem, ‘América’”, expressed Luis and gave way to this song so representative of the Latino community in the US, while the ballet wore typical Latin American costumesAC and waved their flags.

“Mexico City thank you for all the applause that they have given to The Northern Tigerswe leave very happy and tomorrow we will be here again”, said the older tiger and giving the floor to his companions to say goodbye.

After bowing to the audience, he let them know that they did not want to leave yet, so they complied with “If the dog is tied up”, “El tarasco”, “I treat myself to you” and “The false tomb”.

“We have requests like in those days of the dances,” said Luis, and then sing “So pretty to look at.” Just as they usually do in their presentations at popular dancesJorge, Hernán and Luis they took the task of asking what songs did you want to hearmany titles were suggested by their fans, so the complacencies continued with “Salt Water”, “The fighting cocks”, “The prisoner blood”, “Heart of gold”, “What if it’s you”, “The boy and the wedding”, “The example”, “The Sinaloense”, “The two plebes” , “One day at a time”, “La meserita”, “José Pérez León” and “El señor locutor”.

“God bless you Mexico, thank you very muchWe don’t want to leave but they tell us that now – Jorge expressed, turning to the side of the stage – They tell us that one more”, then they heard new requests and they left with “The light of your eyes” and “Morir Matando”; but after three hours of concert and more than 60 songs, Los Tigres del Norte had one more surpriseon the screens of the place the video was projected of his newly released single “Pan y miel”, thus closing the night.