Los tigres del norte break seven years of record silence

Los Tigres del Norte are back in their beautiful and beloved Mexico. After seven years without releasing an unreleased album, the famous group is back in the ring, after a forced hiatus due to the pandemic, with the deluxe version of its latest record production “La reunion”, which contains 12 songs, composed and recorded during confinement by Covid-19.

Óscar, Luis, Eduardo, Hernán and Jorge offered details in Mexico City about their new music, the band’s new projects and the three sold-out concerts that they will offer this weekend at the National Auditorium.

“There was a long time in which we had content following protocols for the pandemic, that period was lengthening and finally now we can be with the public again and meet face to face. We lasted almost nine months without having contact or seeing each other and when we were finally able to meet , we feel a great emotion. Being inactive for so long led us to reflect and work on many things that the tight pace of the agenda did not allow us, “the members of the group began by telling the press.

Regarding the album, which already contains hits such as “La routine” and the homonymous song “La reunion”, Hernán commented: “We had never had the experience of calmly making an album and working on it bit by bit. It was like a dream, an experience completely differently, there were albums that we recorded in two days, but now that we did this it was in a different way; everyone studied the songs at home and then we got together to practice”.

Once again, they testified that they are not involved in criminal groups. “We sing songs for the whole world, we are not linked to anything related to drug trafficking. We do not get involved in other areas, but we set an example through music, each song has a sense of strength so that people realize that the Tigres del Norte’s songs help people think about the social meaning they carry. Our singles seek to carry a message of unity, love and hope,” said Hernán.

They were very satisfied and excited to launch the voice in favor of inclusion with the song “Eradifferent”, which speaks of the acceptance of the Lgbttiq community. “We have an excellent relationship with food, many fans support us and we support them, and we have learned very surprising and emotional stories. The songs mark a watershed when the times are right. A song like this says a lot because it talks about the situation of sexual orientation without offending anyone,” said Jorge.

Regarding the plan for a bioseries, they did not want to advance many details, they just limited themselves to saying that it is in talks and that for now they are focused on other projects without giving more information.

Tickets sold out

Los tigres del norte will perform on Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of May at the National Auditorium and will offer a renewed show different from the one they have shown previously. They announced that they will pay tribute to Vicente Fernández with a selection of his best songs and the song they recorded in his honor called: “Un spoiled by God.