Los Tigres del Norte pay tribute to Vicente Fernández during his concert at the National Auditorium

The Northern Tigers throw a big party National auditorium and transform it into a dance floor by performing all his musical hits, in a concert in which they also paid tribute to Vicente Fernandez.

“Tonight we are interpreting songs that before of the pandemic we played them here when he was still alive, and now we will offer a corsage of his successes to honor the great Vicente Fernandez, who is spoiled by God”, said Jorge Hernández.

In the midst of thunderous cheers and lots of applause was that the band invited a mariachi on stage and began to sing Chente’s hits such as, “La ley del monte”, “In what way I forget you”, “For your damn love”, “Beautiful affection” and the theme that they composed before he Charro from Huentitan passed away, “The consent of God”.

From six in the evening some with boots and many wearing hats, it was like hundreds of people arrived to the Colossus of Reforma, willing to dance with each theme of one of the most beloved bands of regional mexican.

Doing it with emotion, the group came out on stage around from 9:00 p.m., after having offered a preamble with some recordings voice of each of the members, in which they thanked for all the support they have given them his followers throughout his life.

It was with his great success “Boss of Bosses” with which they started their show, followed by songs like, “My good luck”, “The queen of the south”, “The corner table”, “I want to fly with you”, “We are not even related”, between many more.

With humility and much charisma, Jorge, Hernan, Eduardo, Luis and Oscar surrendered to thousands of people, who didn’t care that there were seats, somehow they managed to dance the famous corridos, that have already made history as “Smuggling and treason”.

The minutes passed, and the more the clock advanced, the mood and the euphoria grew in an immeasurable way, many fans did not stop singing at the top of their lungs all the songs, while others cried with the most arriving and some went out to buy a chelita to get more of the feeling.

showing why they are “the bosses of bosses” decided to fulfill the wishes of their followers and allowed that they pass them little pieces of paper with requests for songs and so it was that the party extended for a little more than three hours, “we leave until you want”, said the elder tiger during the show.

Thus the evening, which shook the place, continued with hits like “The Black Door”, “The Golden Cage”, “The Routine”, “The Red Car Gang”, “America”, “My Fantasy”, “Wet Shirt” and many more requests from the public who did not want to leave.