Los Tigres del Norte respond to Carín León, the singer assured that regional music is not worth it

  • The interpreters of “The Black Door” sent a strong message

A new rivalry is being written in the world of the Mexican regional after The Northern Tigersthe maximum referents of the movement, will send a forceful message to the famous singer, carin leonone of the stars of the moment.

In a meeting with the press, the interpreters of “La puerta negra”, “La mesa del rincón” and “Ni parientes somos” were questioned about the controversial statement made by Carín León, who assured that regional Mexican music is not worth .

The Northern Tigers respond to Carín León

A few moments ago, the morning program “Sale El Sol” shared an interview with Los Tigres del Norte, who were questioned about the controversial video shared by Carín León, one of the most famous artists today.

Without holding anything back, “Los Jefes de Jefes” assured that regional Mexican music is neither more nor less than any other musical genre, but they recognized its authenticity and originality, since it is considered the music of the people.

In this sense, the exponents of Mexican music said they feel very proud that their songs are heard in various countries around the world. They assured that this is an important part of the success they have achieved throughout their career.