Lost, lost! Marlon Colmenarez appeared and announces news along with Wendy Guevara

Marlon will make important announcement with Wendy Guevara


Since Wendy Guevara won the first season of La Casa de los Famosos México, her alleged boyfriend, Marlon Colmenarez had maintained a complete

He was not seen in the award activities or on social networks, raising questions among the public.

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The followers of the trans girl generated several rumors around the “disappearance” of Marlon, commenting on a possible distance between the two, since he was not present at the time she left LCDLFM as the great winner on Sunday August 13.

It was through an Instagram story, in which the singer appeared driving a car in the company of Wendy and gave an explanation for his absence.

“I have received a thousand messages that I was lost and disappeared from the networks. I was on a break from social networks that sometimes collapse a bit, but here I am with the chikis, ”said Marlon, recounting that he had accompanied Wendy for a whole day “tired and busy” from work.

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Wendy Guevara took the floor in the video to express that she was already going to rest at Marlon’s house, after having gone to record a television program. Pinky Promise.

Marlon asked his and Wendy’s followers to be aware of their social networks because he would make a very important announcement. “I said that many things were going to change after four years and the chikis was going to be part of that. We will talk about very important things”, he expressed.