Lourdes Munguía at 60: “I love that they see me hot”

Lourdes Munguía She is a woman who, where she stands, provokes admiration. At six decades of life, he still sighs for his well-formed figure. Always friendly and with an easy smile, the actress calls herself a full woman who has never needed the company of a man to be happy, although, of course, she is not closed to the possibility of romance. All she asks is a man who loves her and respects her freedom.

You post a photo on Instagram and you make an impact, what do you think of that? Oops, what can I tell you! I love everything they write to me. They tell me that I look hot, that I am a MILF (attractive mature woman that attracts to have sex), a mommy, many things, and well I can only be grateful that the public loves me, pats me and tells me things pretty. For me, every compliment is energy.

You have not remarried, you did not have children, is it difficult to bear social pressure? The truth is, that has never been a problem for me. I have never been aware of the roles that women should play in society. I would like to be married and have my partner, but it has not happened. If it comes, good, if not, I move on. All I ask is a man who loves me and respects my freedom.

Have you never lacked the presence of a man to be happy? No never. I am happy with myself. I love myself, I like me very well and I have a hard time. You have to generate your own happiness; we are here to be happy no matter if we are alone or not.

Do you suffer your loneliness? Not at all, on the contrary, I enjoy it. I like it when I’ve had a partner, but I also enjoy when I’m alone because I have time for myself.

Do you still consider yourself a sensual, sexy woman? Oh yeah, that is never lost. Even if you are 80 years old, if you bring it, you bring it; As long as you are alive and have energy and attitude, stay. All women who are in the autumn of life should put more batteries and enjoy that experience much more.

Some women criticize them for wearing a certain type of clothing at an age, what do you think? There will always be criticisms, but one cannot be aware of that because you are never going to please everyone. If you feel comfortable, go ahead, and let others say what they want.

What do you think of the surgeries? I’m going to avoid them as much as possible; If there comes a time when my cheek falls flat to the ground, I’m going to have to pick it up, but for now, as long as I hold on, no. A mature woman can have her little wrinkles. What’s more, I like men who have them.

Are you afraid of death? I cannot be afraid of it because it is the nature of the human being; since we are born, it is the only sure thing we have, although we do not know when it will arrive.

Do you think there is something else after death? Yes, I am sure that there is something beyond, a more beautiful plane in which we will be completely happy.