Love in times of war: an English man divorced after falling in love with a Ukrainian woman to whom he offered refuge in his house

Tony Garnett – Sofia Karkadym – an English man who convinced his wife to welcome refugees from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into their home. After several days, the man fell in love with the refugee he welcomed into his house and ended up divorcing her.

89 days have passed since Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to enter Ukrainian territory, a decision that sparked an extremely violent day that to date has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians. The atrocities of the war and the evident lack of diplomacy have brought multiple consequences not only for the nations directly involved, but for the rest of the world community.

Since the beginning of Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine, different nations of the world have condemned the decision of the Russian president, however, neither the sanctions imposed on its economy nor the multiple calls for peace have managed to soften the heart of Vladimir Putin for what what the world community has sought other forms of power to help the people of Ukraine who are suffering the ravages of war firsthand.

In such a discouraging context, it is hard to believe that something good is happening, however, life is so unpredictable that even in times of war love can flourish and, in this way, a peculiar romantic story arose between Tony Garnett and Sofia Karkadym.

Infobae in Ukraine - Zaporiya Refugees - 04-25-22
Tony Garnett convinced his now ex-wife to receive Ukrainian refugees at home (Photo: Franco Fafasuli) (Franco Fafasuli/)

When Russian troops began to enter Ukrainian territory, thousands of families sought the means to flee the war, either in neighboring countries or on the other side of the world. Not far from Ukraine, in the UK, a security guard named Tony Garnettguided by an altruistic instinct, proposed to his wife and daughters to receive war refugees in his house.

That was how after days of insistence, Garnett’s now ex-wife agreed and, in this way, English security guard signed up for a government program to house people displaced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, by this means the process was very slow, so it was through social networks that he offered his help.

“This started with a simple desire of mine to do the right thing and give a roof to someone who needs it, a man or a woman”, declared Tony Garnett for the medium The Sun.

Tony Garnett and Sofiía Karkadym contacted each other via Facebook (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)
Tony Garnett and Sofiía Karkadym contacted each other via Facebook (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo) (Dado Ruvic/)

On his journey to flee the war that is raging in his home country, Sofia Karkadym left the city of Lviv and passed through Poland and Germany; after contacting Tony Garnett by Facebook and accepting the help offered, the 22-year-old Ukrainian waited in Berlin for her British visa to be processed. It was like that At the end of April and beginning of May, the young woman flew to the United Kingdom and moved into the home where the security guard and his wife Lorna lived in Bradford.county of West Yorkshire.

Once he arrived at the home of the then British couple, Sofia Karkadym noticed an obvious discomfort on the part of Lorna, Tony Garnett’s wife, because she was never 100% convinced of receiving her in her home. For his part, the 29-year-old security guard began to establish a very good relationship with the young Ukrainian.

“I speak a little bit of Slovak and it is not very different from Ukrainian, so I was able to understand her in her language; that made things worse because Lorna didn’t know what we were talking about. Sofia and I would sit and talk, have a drink and watch TV with Ukrainian subtitles, sometimes after Lorna had gone to bed,” Tony Garnett told the British newspaper. The Sun.

The love between Sofia Karkadym and Tony Garnett increased to the same extent as Lorna’s jealousy and the tension in the home, however, it was not until the former partner of the security guard lost his temper that he ended up running the young Ukrainian girl out of her house.

Sofia Karkadym - Tony Garnett -
10 days after meeting Sofia, Tony Garnett fell in love and left his family for her (Photo: Twitter screenshot)

Ten days were enough for Tony Garnett to fall in love with Sofia Karkadym, so after Lorna kicked her out of the house where she had been given shelter, the security guard came to her defense and threatened her ex-partner with also leaving the house if the young Ukrainian woman left. “I told Lorna, ‘If she goes, I go,’” she said.

Fulfilling his threat, Tony Garnett packed his bags and moved with the young Ukrainian to his parents’ house. abandoning the relationship of ten years that he had with Lorna and two daughters that were born from said union.

According to the story spread by The New York Post, Tony Garnett stated that he felt an almost instant connection with Sofia Karkadymwhich led him to make the decision to separate from his family to start a new life with the young Ukrainian.

For her part, Sofia Karkadym mentioned that the whole situation happened organically and by chance of fate, which is why he stated that it was not in his plans to fall in love with Garnett, much less destroy Lorna’s family. Currently, almost a month after meeting, the new couple is already looking for an apartment to live in, this being the story that gives total meaning to that phrase that says that in war and in love, all is fair. .


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