‘Lucas Batalla’ from ‘Long live the children!’ grew up, lost weight and looks like this now

How to forget the children’s soap opera ‘Hurrah for the children!’ produced by Nicandro Diaz almost 20 years ago, a readaptation of the 1989 telenovela ‘Carrusel’, which in turn was a new version of the 1966 Argentine melodrama ‘Señorita maestro’.

Among the characters, the one who became famous for his well-known phrase “my cerebellum sweats” stood out, the unforgettable ‘Lucas battle’, played by Andres Marquez at 7 years old.

He was one of the students of the second grade group of first grade at the Patria Unida school, but he has already grown up, and now he is still an actor, but he is also a filmmaker and photographer. In his trajectory on the big screen is “Teo’s trip” (2007) and “Hell” (2010).

In an interview with People en Español magazine, he commented: “I studied cinematography and being able to do something every day that allows me to create things is incredible for me. In recent years I have been very involved in theater productions and also making a lot of audiovisual content of all kinds. For now I am in the process of editing my first photobook and also developing some projects with friends, other personal ones and looking for more things that blow my mind”.

Now on her Instagram account she boasts her photos, self-portraits, reflections and future plans.

It is worth mentioning that in 2020 it was announced that it would soon arrive PAHO, a project that brought together the children’s cast of that soap opera that captivated a generation. However, no further details were known and on his YouTube channel there is only the trailer with images of the reunion.