Lucerito Mijares and Ángela Aguilar would participate in a new Televisa reality show

Ángela Aguilar and Lucerito Mijares.

angela_aguilar_ / luzerito_mijares_hogaza.

Everything seems to indicate that the reality show would premiere in the coming months.

Details of the new Sunday reality show that TelevisaUnivision is preparing and that would bring together children of famous artists.

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It was Juan José ‘Pepillo’ Origel who revealed along with entertainment journalist Martha Figueroa on the program ‘Con Permiso’ that The reality show could hit the screens in the coming months and they released some names of the children of celebrities who could participate as “Lucerito Mijares, Ángela and Majo Aguilar, Mía and Nina Rubín, Melanie Carmona, Ricky and Mau Montaner, Alexander Acha, Eduardo Capetillo Jr., Axel Muñiz“, among others.

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