Lucerito Mijares makes his parents uncomfortable during his birthday: what did he say?

Spontaneous as always, Lucero and Manuel Mijares celebrated their daughter, Lucerito, with a fun video that went viral on social networks.

The last:

Dear member of Bely y Beto died: She was pregnant!
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Dear member of Bely y Beto died: She was pregnant!
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“The doctor told me I was dying” Pato Levy, son of Talina Fernández

“We congratulate you on this day, feeling that joy fills our hearts, may the angel of adventure always protect your being, may you not be bitter, may you not suffer.”sang the parents of the young artist.

Then Lucero dedicated a few words to the girl: “19 years of this girl who, since she was little, was already raising her newborn eyebrow.”

Immediately, Lucerito Mijares intervened and put his famous parents in trouble. “And there you were together and now you are still together, but as friends.”was the comment that made Mijares blush, who only limited himself to saying: “Yes, of course.”