Lucerito Mijares reveals his true artistic dream and it is not what you expected

During her childhood, her parents took great care of her privacy, but the talent she inherited to them was such that it was impossible for the daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares to be oblivious to the public eye and now enjoy the affection of the public.

And it is that the young Lucerito Mijares has stood out as a singer by accompanying her famous parents, in different concerts, special events and even commercials. She hasn’t had an official debut, but it seems her career is moving forward quickly.

However, in a recent interview with the “Hoy” program, he confessed his true artistic dream, and it is not related to having a musical career like his parents. “I love musical theater, it would be one of the things I would mainly do and it goes very well with singing.”

Lucerito commented that his passion is musical theater and even mentioned a play he would like to perform: “I love Wicked but it’s extremely difficult, but no way, just study and see what comes out.”

About recording and publishing his own album as a soloist, Lucerito commented: “Well… Hopefully, first finish high school, continue studying, but yes, let’s see if soon.”

Of course, he knows that he has the public on his side: “Fortunately people love me a lot and I thank them very much.”

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