Lucero clarifies whether there will be reconciliation with Michel Kuri

Immersed in work, Lucero does not give herself time to think about love, although she clarifies that her previous relationship was not on bad terms so the word reconciliation does not completely disappear.

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Although she has been linked to José Ron, her partner in the series El Gallo de Oro, the interpreter has said more than once that they are nothing more than friends.

“I’m very happy, very calm, I’m very comfortable, even though they say ‘she’s going to get back with Mijares, but that’s it, but she’s already the other’s girlfriend’, as the caponera would say ‘I’m no one’s girlfriend.’ ‘, and at this moment I am very calm, very happy, enjoying the work, enjoying the songs, the tour with Mijares has fortunately also been very well received.”explained the 54-year-old artist, confirming that their separation is “temporary.”

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Known within the business world, Michel Kuri, of Lebanese descent, made a name for himself as a telecommunications businessman and partner in the Bross Oyster Bar restaurant.