Lucero Mijares changes her look and compliments rain down on her

  • The young singer showed that, in addition to her famous mother’s vocal talent, she also inherited her beauty

Lucero Mijares, daughter of the singers Manuel Mijares and Lucero, is living a very special time in her life after, just a few weeks ago. she will announce her artistic debut in the play “El mago. The Wiz”.

However, this is not the first time that the 18-year-old has been on stage, since she usually accompanies her famous parents during their concerts as a showgirl, and due to these activities, she has made a change of look that attracted attention. in social networks.

Although it is true that Lucero has grown in front of the cameras, in recent years he has attracted the attention of the public, especially after he showed that he inherited the talent for singing from both his father and his mother.

Now, she has also shown that beauty is another gift that she also has, thanks to a photo that she shared on her official Instagram account and with which she has unleashed a wave of compliments.

Lucero was part of a press conference to present the project that will star from June 30 and for that special occasion, she decided to make some small changes to her image. A characteristic hallmark of the teenager is her curly hair, which on this occasion she looked much more defined, in addition to the fact that she used a rather discreet makeup and in pink tones that highlighted her features.

In the comments, some of her followers applauded the change, there were even those who assured that she looked identical to the interpreter of “Electricity”: “How beautiful! Your chinos are so beautiful!” wrote the tenor Luis Adrián and “Divina”, commented Mariazel, while Mia Rubín put some heart emojis.

She has boasted that same look during some of her parents’ concerts on the “Until we were done” tour, where she even performs solo songs in English. For those occasions, he usually resorts to glitter, both in the earrings and in the shirt, since his mother usually appears in dazzling dresses, like his father in a gala, the theme of the tour is to remember the careers of both singers and make way for the talent of his little Lucero.