Lucero was slapped by her daughter Lucerito Mijares

Last Monday the ninth season of ‘Me Caigo de Risa’, a popular program, premiered. The episode was attended by two special godmothers, Lucero and Lucerito Mujeres.

However, the most outstanding moment occurred when Mijares’s daughter surprised her mother with a strong slap.

The dynamics of the “Tortillazo” game between Lucero and Lucerito caused confusion, since both tend to show an endearing and respectful relationship not only in front of the cameras, but also in their daily lives.

This unexpected situation added an element of surprise and fun to the program.

During the mother-daughter program they starred in a fun confrontation in the “Tortillazo” game.

In the first round, Lucero won and landed a light jab at Lucerito, considering he was facing his daughter.

However, in the second round, Lucerito took the victory and had no qualms about throwing a tortilla shot with force, unleashing laughter among the participants and the public present.

Lucero reacted surprised by the intensity of the blow, while the driver, Faisy, added a touch of humor by saying: “Getting grounded! You leave me.

A week without leaving his room ».

Lucero reinforced the joke by gesturing with his hand for his daughter to leave the studio, to which Lucerito could only say: “I blew it away.”