Lucía Méndez did fight with Madonna; there are tests and fans ask for forgiveness

Lucia Mendez always told the truth: one night, at a concert, he got into a fight with Madonna. The anecdote has been told by the soap opera diva on several occasions but until now many doubted that it was true.

“I went with my husband to see her in Miami but I got hurt in the knee from spinning; I did not want to go to the concert but he give him and give him that we go ”, he told in an interview with Adela Micha.

In accordance with The Mendez, she remained seated, which annoyed Madonna to the point that a security guard went to ask him to get up and dance.

But Lucia refused: “Sitting, I was staring at Madonna and then I would talk to my ex-husband, to make him even angrier. It was a psychological game that I played on his ego, ”he said. Finally, the American singer got so angry that she threw a “Fuck you” at her.

The anecdote was questioned because it was doubted that Madonna pay so much attention to the seats where the public is. However, a documentary by the Queen of Pop proves that yes, the singer is exasperated when the people in the front rows do not get up to dance.

The funny thing is that it is the documentary “In bed with Madonna”, released 30 years ago and in which there is a fragment, at minute 23, in which the singer gets angry because there are some people in the front row who stay sitting, which matches perfectly with Lucía Méndez’s anecdote.

The fans of the Mexican actress and many of those who had made memes at her expense, now apologize for not believing him. Méndez herself has published fragments of the documentary on her social networks to show that she was right and never lied.