Luciano, son of Lety Calderón, is about to enter university and asks for respect

Lety Calderon came to the program ‘Sale el sol’ with his charismatic son Luciano, And they spoke a little, in the middle of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, about how they have managed to allow the young man to have an academic life like other boys.

“Yes, it is worth mentioning. From the Telethon we have had more awareness of what disability is, but we are missing a lot as a country,” said Lety.

But he admitted: “There is great ignorance, and it works, because we should not know everything. When Luciano was born I had no idea what Down Syndrome was. It is a condition, people do not even know how to refer to it, but it is said like this, ‘your child with Down Syndrome’, nothing happens.

Luciano, for his part, he commented that he wants to be “a doctor, an astronaut, to know mathematics, I would like to be a marine biologist, a lawyer, a notary, I would like to be more flirtatious”, which caused laughter. Of course, he remembered that his girlfriend is called
Marjorie de Sousa.

The young man will enter in January to study at the Anahuac University, a fact that Lety Calderón celebrated “because he was in a wonderful school, but they only have elementary and middle school, no school has a high school; I don’t know if it’s the UNAM or the SEP, but they don’t support children with disabilities in high school. No longer They allow them to study more, but fortunately there are institutions like the Anahuac and the Ibero that lend them this 3-year program, they are prosecuting them. ”

The actress confessed that she wants Luciano to study gastronomy. He explained that at the university they have a program “for people with some physical or intellectual disability, but depending on their abilities, they focus on some classes of what they want to study with regular boys.”

Lety Calderoniano spread a clear message to parents: “It’s okay and it’s not bad to feel fear, don’t be paralyzed. Fear activated me, I worried about him, I went to courses, to everything. He is a boy who throws a lot of It is simply the commitment as a father, whether or not he has a disability, the commitment as parents today is being lost a lot, and these children require greater attention, not excessive, but you do have to have much more patience with them “.

Luciano, meanwhile, did not miss the opportunity to say: “We don’t want pity, we want respect.”