Lucila Mariscal: “I ask God to walk again”

After the fall she suffered at home, which led her to be admitted to the hospital on December 25 and spent 11 days in it, Lucila Mariscal he remains in a good mood, just like his unforgettable character Lencha. Although she is already at home, the actress remains prostrate in a chair without being able to walk, as her hips are worn out and she needs a prosthesis.

This new operation, the 79-year-old singer also tells us by phone, will be performed in February, as she has to wait a bit to recover from the umbilical hernia surgery. Lucila, who started the talk with a joke followed by a laugh, relates to TV and novels how was the fall he suffered and where does he get the strength to move on.

How are you currently in health? I am already recovering since I left the hospital. It’s cool to have everything done to you at the clinic, until you get bathed, but it’s better to be at home and try to do things yourself. I was hospitalized for 11 days, the whole process took longer because my blood pressure got very high and I was very unstable, and until the doctors controlled it, I was not discharged.

When did you get out of the hospital? January 3; I had to spend New Years in the hospital.

How did you feel after spending New Years in the hospital? I was not alone, I spent it with a friend who does not detach me and helps me in everything, he cared a lot about me and loves me, he is like a brother. I have already gone through several situations in my life that have prevented me from having big celebrations on New Years, Christmas, Mother’s Day, so it doesn’t affect me, I’m used to it.

What was the diagnosis that the doctors gave you? I hit my hip on the side that is very worn when I fell to the ground; It hurt a lot, it was a horrible feeling, I couldn’t even move. They took me by ambulance to the hospital, and upon admission, the doctors realized that I had an umbilical hernia that was almost on the point of exploding; It was so big that at the time of the fall it came out a little through my navel. The surgeon told me that I could not intervene on my hip due to the hernia, if they operated on me like this, I was in danger of the hernia bursting from the inside, so they subjected me to this surgical intervention.

When will you have surgery on the hip? The doctor who operated on me for the hernia told me that in about a month more. I am currently recovering from the surgery, which did not leave any scars; the operation was spectacular and the suture was perfect.

How did it fall? I was walking with two sticks and one of them slipped and fell to the ground, I lost my balance, I tripped on the same stick and fell. I don’t know how many laps I took and fell on a piece of furniture that is made of wood. I hit horrible on the arm and hip on the right side, which is the part that I have bad.

How do you cope with the pain of your hip injury? I stay seated, and when I get tired, I lift my feet in a bent position and then I sit down and so I go. I cannot walk at all, I hope that after the operation and the postoperative process, which lasts about six months, I will be able to walk slowly; it will be little by little.

Has the lack of work affected you financially? Clear and a lot. I have help from the Government, Televisa and ANDA; support that I earned. On Televisa, Mr. Emilio Azcárraga Milmo “El Tigre” was always very nice and affectionate with me, he gave me the exclusivity for life and I still enjoy it, something for which I am very grateful. Televisa saw me grow up and it was my first acting home, that’s where my popularity soared. I have been working for 52 years, because I do not count both of the pandemic. The last thing I did on television was a special participation in Nosotros los guapos in 2020, and I had a tour of presentations with my show in several cities in the United States that could not be done due to COVID, and I stopped receiving those gains.

How do you feel emotionally? Very good, very grateful to God, to the public, to the people who love me and even to my enemies. Being alive is a blessing, and being able to speak …

Where do you get strength from? Of faith. I love God, I have had many proofs of his existence in my 79 years. I cannot say that I do not believe in God, if I almost even saw it, it is not something that I can doubt. I have no religion, but biblical knowledge because I studied the Bible for six years.

Do you consider yourself a blessed woman? Yes, if I wasn’t blessed and lucky, I would have killed myself in the fall I had, because it was so loud.

This 2022 turns 80, what do you ask of life? I ask God to give me a lot of peace, tranquility, love of the people around me. I ask that my health be preserved, that I can walk again and that I be an old woman, but a healthy old woman. I know that God loves me and I love him immensely too.