Luis Alberto’s sister responds to him for accusing her of leaving Yolanda Ciani on the street

Alejandra Muñoz Vergara confirms the violence that her brother exercised against her mother, Yolanda Ciani.

Alejandra Muñoz Vergara will fight for justice in her mother’s case.

Some days ago, Luis Alberto Romero Ciani reappeared to clarify that he is innocent of the complaint that Alejandra Muñoz Vergara filed against him before the FGJCDMX due to physical attacks that could have caused his death at the age of 85. the actress Yolanda Ciani, who suffered from advanced senile dementia.

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Through a statement, Romero Ciani publicly accused his sister Alejandra Muñoz Vergara of taking financial advantage of his mother, Yolanda Cianiand indicated that he will countersue her for the allegations of femicide that he made against her.

“Alejandra Muñoz Vergara, who was taken in by my mother since she was a newborn due to the abandonment of her biological parents, took advantage of the deterioration in my mother’s health to practically leave her on the street, looting her bank accounts and the financial resources she had. “My lawyers are already preparing a series of complaints for the probable crimes that she committed against my mother’s assets, and a lawsuit for moral damage,” she indicated.

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Alejandra Muñoz Vergara She did not remain silent and answered her brother.

“It is true that Mr. Luis Alberto Romero Ciani He continued to violate my mother who has already passed away and because of the testimonies given with love and fear, they continued to care for my mother when I was away and prevented from being by her side. Yolanda Ciani Carbajal At all times she treated me like a daughter, giving me her absolute trust, trust that I did not disappoint and I will fight so that the truth is known and those who should be punished are punished, my mother taught me that, regardless of whether that punishment is directed against whoever I wanted like my brother or against the people who support him, trying to hide the violence that my mother experienced and could not endure,” said Muñoz Vergara in a statement that was read on the program ‘Ventaneando’.