Luis de Llano reappears after sentence for moral damage to Sasha Sökol

The producer Louis de Llano finally broke and the silence and reappeared in front of the cameras, this after On May 10, the singer Sasha Sökol will inform that Luis de Llano had been sentenced for moral damage by a judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City.

Luis de Llano reappeared in front of the cameras after going to an awards ceremony in Mexico City, the night of this Friday May 26. There, the media they approached him and questioned him about the sentence handed down by the judge.

Faced with questions from the press, Luis de Llano limited himself to say that their lawyers were working on this issue.

On this issue my lawyers are working, they are the ones who are on the lookout and they are handling all of this,” he said.

On the public apology that the judge also established as part of the sentence that was ordered to the producer, Luis de Llano simply said that I had no comment on it.

I have no comments (…) I am not going to talk about it, I cannot say if the information is false or not, “he mentioned.

It was last May 10 when Luis de Llano Macedo was sentenced for moral damage for Court of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, after it was revealed in 2022 that had had a sentimental relationship with the singer Sashawhen she was under 14 years old.

“Today (May 10, 2023) Luis de Llano was sentenced for non-pecuniary damage for violating my dignity, physical integrity, privacy and honor, by sentence handed down by a court of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City,” wrote Sokol, through his official Twitter account.

Luis de Llano will appeal the sentence for Sasha Sökol’s complaint

According to the program “Gossip No Like”, although the singer affirmed that the producer would have to offer a public apology, refrain from talking about what happened again and pay compensation it was his own De Llano who denied that he should carry out these actions.

According to the broadcast of shows, Luis revealed exclusively that he is appealing the sentence and accused the singer of having committed a serious mistake.

“Very soon I will contact you and we do it with great pleasure. We currently supposedly have a confidentiality agreement that she is not respecting, but I do respect the law and the case is not over yet, there are appeals; I really appreciate your words.”

Subsequently, Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, owners of the programstated that with this message, the producer refers that for the moment will not offer a public apology to the former member from Timbiriche, because you are looking for the way to revoke the sentence that Sasha announced in recent days.