Luis de Llano responds to Sasha Sokol for ratifying the sentence against him

Luis de Llano Macedo reacts to Sasha Sokol’s statements.

On May 10, Sasha Sokol53 years old, reported that “Luis de Llano Macedo was convicted of moral damage for violating my dignity, physical integrity, privacy and honor (when she was 14 years old and he was 39), through a sentence handed down by a court of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City”.

A few days ago, the singer reported that “the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City that reviewed the appeal (of Luis de Llano), not only confirms the sentence previously handed down against him, but also expands the effects of his sentence”.

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Luis de Llano reacted to this ratification against him and denounced irregularities in the legal process.

“It does not correspond to what was claimed in the trial and, in view of the recent resolution, I will exhaust the means of challenge to which I have the right so that, finally, what I am claiming is decided in equity and I can finally enjoy true access to Justice”.

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Luis de Llano78 years old, assured in a press release that “although there is a first and second instance ruling against me in the trial followed against me, they do not constitute res judicata and therefore nothing in what they refer to or contain can be considered legal truth and are therefore susceptible to modification in all their parts.”

The producer, who had already appealed the sentence issued on May 10, trusts that “justice will resolve his appeal in the corresponding protection trial and accuses multiple violations, irregularities and illegalities presented during the process and on which I have refrained from making any comment.” . “There are dark and perverse interests that act against me.”