Luis de Llano would be preparing his legal defense against Sasha Sokol

The television producer has not appeared in the public eye since the publication of a statement at the end of March, when he said he had not committed any crime

The issue that Sasha Sokol uncovered on March 8 when she issued a statement denouncing Luis de Llano is still valid, as the singer has made recent statements that have fueled the stir caused by the acknowledgment of an abuse of power by the producer. , several years older than the artist and with whom he had a romantic relationship in the 80s.

Although Sasha hinted at a recent meeting with the press at the Mexico City international airport that she has not yet filed a complaint with the authorities for the probable case of rape that occurred more than 30 years ago, now a journalist said that De Llano he is already preparing to possibly face her.

“I found out (that) Don Luis de Llano is preparing, he is not talking to anyone, he is not giving any statement, but he is preparing his defense,” Mónica Castañeda assured in Ventaneando, who also responded to Sokol’s statements, about that the media “normalized their relationship for years.”

“The media has nothing to do with a personal decision and what we have simply done all this time is talk about what they have also talked about”

Although the singer has not yet made a formal complaint, she has spoken to the media.

For his part, Luis de Llano has remained silent after the statement he issued at the end of March, where he said he was innocent and had not committed “any crime”, since the relationship with Sokol was consensual and free.

Recently, former deputy Sergio Mayer, who had previously reserved commenting on his position in the case, went a little further and finally hinted that Luis de Llano would have to criminally pay for the fault he incurred more than 30 years ago.