Luis Enrique Guzmán fought, just in 2022, for a son that he now knows is not his

Luis Enrique Guzmán and Mayela Laguna have had a stormy relationship in recent years. Their life as a couple began in 2014, just when Mayela was going through a serious problem: she was accused of fraud and theft of filming equipment.

Accused for the amount of 4 million pesos, Laguna had a trial that led to preventive detention and from which he was released. Some versions assure that she did not prove the crime, but it also ensures that Mayela agreed to return the amount for which she was denounced.

The romance between Laguna and Guzmán developed over honey and in 2019 she announced that she was pregnant.

The baptism of Apollo

the child was called Apollo and he had a spectacular baptism party in April 2020, just a week before the quarantine was decreed in Mexico due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The party was spectacular and brought together part of the Pinal-Guzmán dynasty. The patriarchs, Silvia Pinal (film and television legend in Mexico) and Enrique Guzmán (rock and roll pioneer in Spanish), attended the baptism in which the parents were proud.

“It is very exciting and it is very emotional to have our son in this celebration, we are excited to have the family together and that in some way this baby has brought us closer together,” said Luis Enrique Guzmán during the party in an interview for “Hola! “.

In that same meeting, Silvia Pinal released a phrase that would be prophetic: “I don’t see anything about my dad.” Although she said it jokingly (to refer to the fact that the baby was handsome) three years later it turned out, according to a genetic test, that she Pinal was right.

The proof that shows that Luis Enrique is not the father

This Monday, June 26, Luis Enrique Guzmán announced through his lawyer the result of a genetic test that he underwent to verify compatibility with the baby.

“The result was zero percent paternity and compatibility from the development and application of this genetic science,” reads the statement signed by Francisco Javier Piz.

Luis Enrique, son of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán, has not made public statements, but the statement indicates that as a result of this test, a legal process has begun to disclaim the affiliation and its obligations “unless a judicial decision to the contrary.”

The godmother Alejandra Guzmán and the inheritance

The singer Alejandra Guzmán, who was the baby’s godmother, also attended the christening party. She bought her clothes in Miami and said that she was very happy with her because she loves her brother Luis Enrique and she feels a great affinity and affection for Mayela.

“She was very close to me when I was very sick in the hospital, she was very constant,” he said. La Guzman.

Then it was revealed that Alejandra even decided to include the child in her will and leave him as heir instead of her daughter Frida Sofía, which caused a family controversy.

The separation of Luis Enrique and Mayela

Luis Enrique and Mayela began having problems that escalated into accusations of domestic violence. Filtered audios that went viral showed Mayela that she claimed that Luis Enrique had hit her.

It was also heard that he spoke ill of the Pinal family and even that he had committed a jewelry robbery together with Luis Enrique.

Silvia Pinal, however, denied the theft and Mayela apologized for the way she referred to the family.

However, the relationship between Luis Enrique and Mayela he deteriorated to the point of fighting for custody of the child.

Why did Luis Enrique and Mayela Laguna fight?

Mayela Laguna, through the lawyer Mariana Gutiérrez, publicly denounced that after the leak of the audios, Luis Enrique did not let her see her son

Two weeks later, the lawsuit was settled, according to what Mariana Gutiérrez told TVyNovelas.

“It was a pretty good agreement because they are going to share the custody and custody of their son Apolo, and she will have the right to see the minor on a daily basis, she will be able to take him with her family every eight days so that she can enjoy it”

When was this agreement formalized?
Today (Friday, July 8). In the afternoon, precisely, the agreement will be signed, but the most important thing is that guard and custody will not be in favor of either of them, it will be shared.

One of Luis Enrique’s requests was for Mayela to take psychological tests, what was the deal with that matter?
That was no longer considered, they were on the best of terms, she will be able to see and talk to the minor on a daily basis, and they will also let her continue working in the pizzeria that the two of them had started together.

On the other hand, what happened to the issue of domestic violence?
That will remain on file as long as they continue to conduct things in holy peace, thanks to the agreement that was carried out for the well-being of the minor.

What will happen to Luis Enrique, Mayela and Apolo?

The revelation that the child is not the son of Luis Enrique raises several questions about the future.

The genetic test also obviously shows that the child is not the nephew of Alejandra Guzmán and nor is he the grandson of Silvia Pinal.

It is also a question that will happen with the relationship between Luis Enrique and Mayela, who, although they did not live together, had decided to reconcile.

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