Luis Enrique Guzmán will take custody of Apolo from Mayela Laguna

Luis Enrique Guzmán broke the silence about the paternity test that was done.

Luis Enrique Guzmán spoke for the first time after the paternity test he took and even revealed the dirty laundry about his ex, Mayela Laguna.

Luis Enrique Guzman broke the silence after announcing three months ago that a Paternity testwhich was not compatible with the DNA of Mayela Laguna’s son.

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“She has been defending the idea that the child is mine, that if the test suddenly turns out positive, I’ll be screwed.. What I am doing is trying to seek the annulment of paternitybut I wouldn’t be doing it if the test hadn’t come out so strongly negative.”

“The laboratory in Canada told me that the tests are conclusive, 99.7 percent certain that you have 0 percent genetic compatibility with the child,” he indicated. Luis Enrique in an interview for the program ‘Gossip’.

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In addition, Alejandra Guzmán’s brother talked about addictions Mayela Lagunaso you could have points in your favor to keep custody of the child.

“Already with the background that she is addicted to glass and cocaine and ching… well obviously her capacity as a mother is in question, and not just win the trial, take away custody of the child. If the whole joke of this court is the well-being of the child, the further away he is from her, the better.

Finally, the son of Mrs. Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán explained that Apolo, 4 years old, looks nothing like him.

“He is not like me, he has Chinese hair, a large and round head, he has big ears, he has a split beard, he does not have an aquiline nose, the shape and contour of his features have nothing to do with me or with me. her, they belong more to the biological father than to anyone else.”