Luis Fernando Peña will have a vasectomy: “There will be no ‘another kid escaped us!'”

In July 2021, Luis Fernando Pena he received one of the most beautiful news of his life: he would become a father for the second time; his daughter Aitana, procreated with Aly Noris, his second wife, was on the way. The little girl was born in October, and the actor was the happiest man on the planet. Her fatherhood with her and Regina, the fruit of her first marriage, has been wonderful for him. And more so because Aly also has a son from her previous relationship: Líam, eight years old, and he lives with them.

“My two daughters came into the world at different times in my life, but when you do things with love and you know exactly how you want to educate them, it doesn’t matter how many complications you have; If you have the courage to get up and show them that you can move on, that’s the most important thing,” said the actor who currently plays Joaquín in the telenovela Mi secreto, produced by Carlos Moreno.

Although he feels fulfilled in his facet as a father, he admits that not everything has been honey on the cake; along the way he has had a hard time handling certain situations with Regina, his eldest daughter. “The separation process with my ex-wife was complicated in the sense of how to tell her. Then she was nine years old; How do you explain to a girl of that age what is happening?”

He plucked up his courage and did it without so much fuss: “I had to be very clear. Today’s children are very intelligent, if you speak to them truthfully they understand it very well. I decided not to dwell on the matter, because children should not be tricked, and I told him: ‘Things are like that, they happen. This is life’. When you explain to them that things end, but the relationship you have with them doesn’t change, they understand. In addition, it is not only to explain them, but to demonstrate them”.

And he has done so: he has always tried to be a present father and be there for his children at all times.

“In the case of Regina, I send her messages, we make video calls; She even told me that she broke up with her boyfriend, and it’s nice that, at 40, she has the confidence to tell me things about her. I am a young dad and I enjoy it a lot”.


In the end, he considers that he has fulfilled his role as a father well, and this is reflected in the relationship that the adolescent has with her current partner: “Suddenly I turn around and see that my daughter and my wife get along wonderfully, they love each other very much and there is no jealousy”.

For his part, he admits that, at first, he faced complications in treating Líam. “In the end, I thought that I shouldn’t break my head about it and should treat him as if he were my son, because now he is and deserves the same love and respect as my two daughters… Suddenly, when I see that Líam and Regina get along so Well, they play and have fun, it’s great. The family grew and for the better. Being that things in his marriage and with his children are going smoothly, the possibility of the family growing no longer exists: “We have already closed the factory and opened the amusement park (laughs). My family is perfect as it is; Furthermore, the situation in the world after a pandemic is much more complicated. My wife hooked up, and as soon as I finish recording the soap opera, I’ll have a vasectomy. So there will be no “Another kid escaped us!”.

We have a wonderful family as it is, with our three incredible children that God sent us, and five cats that are our companions. Making men aware of this procedure is very important to him: “We live in a society that has been macho for decades. Suddenly changing the chip and telling a man: ‘Have a vasectomy so you no longer have children’ is like telling them that they are going to amputate an organ, that they lose virility, but on the contrary: you are more of a man when you decide not to have more children for you and your wife.


Started in 2020; the crush was so intense that the following year, in July 2021, they received the news that they would be parents. On October 6, 2021, Aitana, the second daughter of the actor and Aly, was born. She also has a son from her previous relationship, his name is Líam and he lives with the couple.

In March 2022 Luis Fernando and Aly Noris were civilly married, and the next day they baptized their princess.

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